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Birthday Card Key

birthday card outside

  1. Del Tarr, former President, Professor Emeritus, Cross-cultural Comm./Anthrop.
  2. Edgar Lee, Academic Dean Emeritus
  3. Cordas C. Burnett, founder, Executive VP
  4. Ray Gannon, Visiting Professor of Missions and Jewish Studies
  5. John Katter, former Professor, Counseling
  6. Paul Lee, former Professor, Counseling
  7. Jim Richardson, former Professor, Missions
  8. Annette Newberry, Visiting Professor of Church History and Missions
  9. Ben Aker, Professor Emeritus NT Exegesis
  10. Melvin Hodges, former Professor, Missions
  11. Angela Reid, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology
  12. Wes Smith, former Professor, Bible/Theology
  13. DeLonn Rance, Director of Intercultural Doctoral Studies
  14. Mark Bradford, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology
  15. Morris Williams, former Professor, Missions
  16. Jim Hernando, Professor of New Testament
  17. Paul Wood, former Professor, Missions
  18. Dene Wood, former Professor, Missions
  19. Richard Bishop, former Professor, Practical Theology
  20. Joe Marics, Director of Library Services
  21. Charles Self, Associate Professor of Church History
  22. Steve Nichols, Financial Aid Coordinator
  23. Mario Guerreiro, Director of Enrollment Management
  24. Deborah Gill, Professor of New Testament Exposition
  1. Byron D. Klaus, President
  2. Warren Newberry, Associate Professor of Missions
  3. David Willemsen, Director of Business
  4. Ray Levang, former Professor, Bible/Theology
  5. Anthony Palma, Professor Emeritus, NT
  6. Sarah Clark, Degree Audit Coordinator
  7. Mel Ming, Visiting Professor of Church Leadership
  8. Johan Mostert, Professor of Community Psychology
  9. Deborah Fegler, Institutional and Alumni Relations Coordinator
  10. Cheryl Taylor, Director of the Doctor of MInistry Program
  11. Jay Taylor, Director of Spiritual Formation
  12. Roger Cotton, Professor of Old Testament
  13. Donald Johns, former Professor, Bible/Theology
  14. Jim Railey, Professor of Theology
  15. Randy Walls, Director of Continuing Education
  16. Lois Olena, D.Min. Project Coordinator
  17. Stanley Horton, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Bible/Theology
  18. David Irwin, former Professor, Missions
  19. Terry Lewis, former Admissions Recruitment Coordinator
  20. Doug Oss, Director of the Cordas C. Burnett Center for Biblical Preaching
  21. Jan Maempa, Academic Services Coordinator
  22. Dorothea Lotter, Director of Institutional and Alumni Relations
  23. Vic Ostrom, former Professor, Christian Education
  24. Geneva Heiskell, Registrar
  25. Melody Palm, Director of Counseling Programs
  26. Earl Creps, Visiting Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Renewal
  27. Self portrait of Jennifer Hall, Promotions Coordinator
  28. Glynn Hall, former President and Academic Dean

Also look for:

  • Gary B. McGee's book “People of the Spirit”
  • Gary B. McGee's bell
  • AGTS Mace
  • Alumni mug
  • Graduation cap
  • Old rotary phone
  • iPhone
  • Selectric typewriter
  • Laptop computer
  • “6th” floor
  • Divine Servant sculpture


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