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1. Randy Walls, Director of Continuing Education
2. Amanda Teel, Admissions Counselor
3. Bryan Chambers, Advancement Representative
4. Dorothea Lotter, Director of Institutional and Alumni Relations
8. Ajay Holmes, Promotions Media Specialist
9. Kristen Harvey, Library Circulation Staff
10. Ericka Pasquale, Promotions Media Specialist
11. Susan Meamber, Administrative Assistant to the President
12. Jay Kindred, Network Specialist
13. Jan Maempa, Academic Services Coordinator
14. Deborah Gill, Professor of New Testament Exposition
15. DeLonn Rance, Director of Intercultural Doctoral Studies
16. Sarah Clark, Degree Audit Coordinator
17. Roger Cotton, Professor of Old Testament
18. Melody Palm, Director of Counseling Programs
30. Johan Mostert, Professor of Community Psychology
31. Lois Olena, D.Min. Project Coordinator
32. Laura Da Silva, Circulation Services Coordinator
33. Natalia Guerreiro, Admissions Coordinator
34. Rick Oliver, Assistant Director of Library Services
35. Tammy Burnham, Business Office Assistant
36. Cheryl Taylor, D.Min. Director
37. Byron D. Klaus, President
44. Juliana Tilden, Library Cataloging Coordinator
45. Linda Smith, Administrative Assistant to Director of Enrollment
46. John Tilden, Library Circulation Staff
47. Treasa Edmond, Administrative Assistant
48. Darlene Palm, Representative for Church Partnerships
49. Al Palm, Representative for Church Partnerships
50. Andre Davis, Work study
51. Krista Herrera, Development Coordinator


5. Mario Guerreiro, Director of Enrollment Management
6. Ava Oleson, D.Min. Coordinator
7. Charley Self, Director of Ph.D. in Bible and Theology
19. Geneva Heiskell, Registrar
20. Mark Hausfeld, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies
21. Jim Railey, Professor of Theology
22.Ryan Winters, Coordinator of Business
23. Jay Taylor, Director of Spiritual Formation
24. Jennifer Hall, Promotions Coordinator
25. Dave Willemsen, Director of Business
26. Brittany Rodriguez, Work study
27. Stormy Davis, VA Rep

28. Joshua Rodriguez, D.Min. Assistant
Keith Jones, IT Manager
38. Stephen Lim, Academic Dean
39. Taurina Smith, Coordinator of Continuing Education
Janice Brueggemann, Faculty Secretary
41. Larry Wood, Building & Grounds Superintendent
42. Jami Pool, Counseling Secretary
43. Paul Lewis, Missionary Resident
44. Deborah Fegler, Institutional and Alumni Relations Coordinator
52. Warren Newberry, Associate Professor of Missions
53. Annette Newberry, Visiting Professor of Church History and Missions
54. Sheri Buck, Administrative Assistant to Director of Business/CFO
55. Luke James, Enrollment Representative
56. Joey Olsen, IT Media Support Specialist



Updated: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 4:53 PM


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