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Chaplaincy at AGTS

scott Chaplaincy at AGTS
How to Become a Chaplain
How to Apply

AGTS has a rich heritage of providing those seeking to minister as chaplains in our military and institutions with an incredibly enriching experience. Currently, more than 180 AGTS alumni are serving in the Armed Forces and Veterans Administration as chaplains and regularly about 40 students who as chaplaincy candidates are preparing for that same ministry. We also have 86 hospital chaplains and 132 prison chaplains serving across the nation. Whether it be the emphasis on Spirit-empowered ministry, the quality educational depth throughout your academic studies, the rich relationships and ministry opportunities available, or courses and interaction with the Assemblies of God chaplaincy endorser, the Military Chaplaincy program at AGTS helps chaplain candidates grow in their calling and be better prepared for future ministry.


How to apply
College Senior

AGTS goes beyond fulfilling the basic 72 hour* military requirement by providing specialized courses geared toward chaplaincy candidates. Special scholarships are available to chaplaincy students.

*Students who have not taken 6 credits of pre-seminary or basic Greek at the undergraduate level must take it during their studies at AGTS in addition to the 78 credits required. Students planning to enter a Ph.D. program will profit from taking an additional 12 credits in their field of interest.

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