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Summer Institute for Islamic Studies, July 314, 2017

"Despite having lived, studied and worked with Muslims, I was not able to engage in any fruitful encounters UNTIL I attended the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies at AGTS."

--Patrice Chinje, AGTS Student from Cameroon, Central Africa

Let AGTS and Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples teach you to relate to and minister to Muslims. These courses are designed for:

  • U.S. and world missionaries serving in areas with high concentrations of Muslims
  • Ministers and people in local churches with Muslims in their communities
  • Chaplains—military and institutional

Individuals may wish to:

  • Take courses in Islamic Studies for credit at the graduate or undergraduate level.
  • Take courses as seminars

Course Format & Location

Courses will be taught in modular format (during the first two weeks of July) on the AGTS campus.


Our faculty for Islamic Studies includes 5 doctorates and nearly 300 years of field experience in Muslim countries. Guest lecturers will also be invited to teach.

"The Islamic Studies faculty at AGTS can best be described as practitioner/scholars. The total experience of our faculty equals nearly 300 years of living and planting the church in global Muslim contexts. Our faculty travels the world of Islam yearly training and equipping the national church and engaging Muslim peoples. Experience the difference our practitioner/scholars will make in your life and ministry through the Summer Institute of Islamic Studies."

Dr. Mark Hausfeld, AGTS President, Director, Center for Islamic Studies at AGTS

Islamic Studies Concentration

A concentration can be completed within the following AGTS degree programs by taking four courses (12 credits) in Islamic studies.

  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
  • Master of Divinity (Resident)
  • Master of Divinity (In-Service Track)


Courses are three credits each. Two courses can be taken each week.


July 3–8, 2017

Engaging Islam (MCCM 545)
8 a.m.–Noon

Engaging Islam will provide an overview of Islam, including its historical background, development, growth, and diversity and why there is such worldwide appeal. The course will examine the main beliefs and practices of Muslims, noting similarities and crucial differences with Christianity. This course will include the beliefs and practices of formal and folk Islam, Islamic sects, the identity of women, Islam in the United States, global Islam today and bridges for communicating with Muslims. The final goal is to assist Christians who engage Muslims to recognize both the challenges and opportunities present when sharing with Muslims. Special attention will be given to prayer, developing a Christ like attitude toward Muslims and how to effectively minister to them.



Dr. Jim Bennet ('79)

Dr. Jim Bennett began his ministry in 1974 in Jordan where he served for 15 years. In 1989 he moved to Brussels, Belgium to assume the presidency of Continental Theological Seminary. Bennett served the Center for Ministry to Muslims, an international ministry
of the Assemblies of God World Missions program, as associate director and director from 1998 to 2009. In 2009, when the Center for Ministry to Muslims became Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples, he assumed the role of director of ministries.


Shiite Islam (MCCM 639) 1–5 p.m.

This course will consider the historical development of Shi’ite Islam from its inception to the present. Emphasis will be made on comparing the distinctive tenets of Shi’ism to those of Sunni Islam and biblical Christianity. Students will interact with Shi’ite scholarship in its diversity. The course will conclude with the contemporary crisis of legitimacy within Shi’ism, and the openness of many Shi’ites to the Gospel.



Dr. Fred Farrokh ('14)

Dr. Fred Farrokh is an Iranian-American of Muslim family background. Born in the United States, Dr. Farrokh met Jesus Christ as Savior in 1983 while reading through the Bible. He currently serves as an International Trainer with Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples.
He graduated with a PhD in Intercultural Studies from AGTS in 2014, with his dissertation on Muslim Identity.



July 10–14, 2017

Folk Islam and Power Encounter (MCCM 554) 8 a.m.–Noon

A study of the development of popular Islam within the world of official Islam, emphasizing an understanding and analysis of the felt needs of ordinary Muslims. Special attention will be given to the role of spiritual power encounter as a tool in evangelizing Muslims.



Dr. Don McCurry

Don ministered for 18 years in Pakistan with the Presbyterian Church. Upon returning home, Don taught at Fuller Theological Seminary for seven years. Simultaneously, he founded and directed the Samuel Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies, now based at Columbia International University. In 1988, Don founded Ministries to Muslims to train Christians around the world in evangelism and church planting among Muslims. He has authored five books on ministry to Muslims.



Business and Islam
(MCCM 639) 1–5 p.m.

The course will survey Islamic teaching on business topics such as possessions and wealth and trade and commerce. Islamic sources to be examined will include the Qur’an, the hadith, sharia law and selected periods in Islamic history. The global move toward Islamic compliant finance and the views of influential Islamists will also be analyzed.

Individuals seeking to do business in Muslim-majority nations would benefit from such an understanding as would those seeking to establish relationships with Muslims in the marketplace.



Dr. Robert Stefan

After a successful career as an investment banker, Dr. Robert Stefan accepted the call to service with AGWM in 1998 serving in the Philippines, Kazakhstan and Germany. He has focused on the implementation of business and mission strategies in Muslim-majority nations.

Women in Islam
(MCCM 552) 1–5 p.m.

This course examines the identity and role of women in historic and contemporary Islam as taught by the Quran and Hadith and throughout society, covering various cultural contexts.



Donna Krstulovich ('83)

Donna Krstulovich has served with AGWM since 1990, opening cafes and training centers for Muslim women in Pakistan and Tajikistan.
She served in Turkey from 2006 until 2009 and is now working with Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples. She completed an MA in
Intercultural Communication from AGTS in 1983 and is enrolled in the PhD in Intercultural Studies program at AGTS.



A brief summary of the basic beliefs and practices of orthodox Islam will be given in the first lecture of each course.

Course syllabi will be available online. Credit students will find class time more valuable if they read the required textbooks beforehand. These are listed in the course syllabi.

Tuition Costs* (Full payment is required by Monday, July 3, 2017.)

Full credit (3 credits, AGTS admission required)
  • Current AGTS Student, For Credit Registration
Seminar (noncredit, no AGTS admission required)
  • Current AGTS Student, Audit Course Registration
Appointed AGWM/AGUSM (other commissioning body, i.e. IMB) missionaries only (noncredit, no AGTS admission required)
  • Visiting Student and Seminar Only Registration
  • AGTS Alumni Registration*
  • AGWM/AGUSM New Missionary Registration (no experience or less than 364 days on the mission field)
  • AGWM/AGUSM Veteran Missionary REgistration (at least 364 days of appointment)

*Eligible for one free 3-hour course credit per year. Audit only covers tuition for one course. The course fee will still apply.



There will be a non-negotiable fee of $79 per week, for each participant (to include alumni using their annual free course audit), to cover food costs for lunches and morning/afternoon breaks. This fee will be included in the final billing for each participant.


Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. A limited number of rooms will be available at Evangel University, located on the same campus as AGTS, on a first-come first-serve basis. Please contact Amy Englert
( at Evangel University for all room information. A listing of local hotels & discounts is also available here.

To Register (Deadline: Monday, July 3, 2017. Full payment required.)

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Since AGTS is accredited with the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and the Higher Learning Commission—the accrediting agency of the North Central states—credits are transferrable to most schools.

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