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Coursework Required for D.Min. Program

D.Min. participants generally know the course schedule a year in advance.
To find out when the courses listed below are offered, check out our schedule and syllabi.

The program consists of three phases: Core Courses, Elective Courses and the Professional Project.

I. CORE COURSES (12 hours)

Core 1 - PTH 901 Renewing the Spiritual Leader (3 credits)

Developing into a leader worth following is considered in the context of self-leadership, other-leadership and Pentecostal spirituality. A critical appraisal of leadership models is presented as the class develops a synthetic model of Christian leadership considered from a Pentecostal perspective and based on foundations of personal development and integrity.

Core 2 – PTH 902 Biblical Theology of Ministry (3 credits)

This course gives special attention to developing the skills and methods of biblical theology for the study of scripture and equips the student to successfully complete the biblical-theological component of the D.Min. Project. The course also explores the role of biblical-theological reflection in leadership, ministry development and preaching.

Core 3 – PTH 911 Pentecostal Ministry in the 21st Century (3 credits)

Pentecostalism has reached the centenary mark, an event that would have been unimaginable to its first generation. In many respects the movement has changed. Not surprisingly, Pentecostals face major challenges related to cherished theological, spiritual and liturgical distinctives that once uniquely identified them. This course examines and evaluates dynamics of the early movement, the nature of the crucial changes that have occurred and what Pentecostalism may look like in its second century of existence.

Core 4 – PTH 905 Leading Christian Organizations (3 credits)

Leadership of the contemporary church or ministry with special consideration given to the integration of biblical values, contemporary leadership theory, contemporary organizational theory, and the participant's context of ministry.


Missional Leadership Concentration

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • The Character of Pentecostal Leadership
  • Coaching & Consulting

Biblical Preaching Concentration

  • Advanced Expository Preaching
  • Preaching that Connects
  • Narrative Preaching
  • The Holy Spirit in Preaching & Worship
  • Creative Communication

Military Chaplaincy Concentration

Qualified chaplains may transfer a portion of their advanced military training into the D.Min. program to create a very efficient and economical way to complete the degree.

Self-Design Study Concentration

Following completion of the Core courses, a participant with a specialized ministry interest may work with the D.Min. Team to construct a combination of courses, directed research and other experiences to produce an educational framework that is a precise fit to his or her specialty and context.


PTH 906 Project Design (3 credits)

A course designed to prepare the participant for presentation of an acceptable project prospectus to the D.Min. Project Committee. Components of a prospectus, research methodologies and writing strategies are explored and applied.

PTH 999 Project Development and Presentation (3 credits)

Composition and oral presentation of an acceptable written project which integrates theory and praxis and makes a meaningful contribution to the practice of ministry. All participants working on the project phase will maintain a continued registration in the program.


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