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Mark Hausfeld
Professor of Urban and Islamic Studies
2007–2008 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions

BA: Evangel University
MDiv: (Missions and Pastoral Counseling) Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
DMin: (Missions) Northern Baptist Theological Seminary

Thesis: Developing Urban Ministry Curricula for the Carlson Institute: A Shared Christian Praxis

Dr. Mark Hausfeld (AGTS MDiv 1983) became president of the Assemblies of God Seminary July 1, 2015. He was the 2007–2008 J. Phillip Hogan Professor of World Missions at AGTS. In addition to administration and strategic leadership, his missionary work has ranged across a wide variety of activities, from teaching in theological schools to opening drug rehabilitation centers to leading relief and development work to facilitating short term missions teams for college students.

Before entering foreign missionary service in 1992, Dr. Hausfeld was a pastor in Chicago, serving as associate pastor at Southside Tabernacle before planting Maranatha Assembly of God. He also served on the Chicago Commission for Human Relations. In addition to his other ministries, he is the international director of Global Initiatives: Reaching Muslim Peoples.

Dr. Hausfeld has served as an adjunct faculty member at AGTS since 2002 and teaches an annual class on Intercultural Urban Ministry in Chicago that exposes students directly to urban missions in the United States. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. Together with his wife Lynda and Ken Horn, he is the author of Silk Road Stories: Amazing Tales of God’s Work in an Ancient Land (Onward Books, 2005). He recently contributed a chapter, “Ministry in Hostile Areas” to the book Java and Justice: Journeys in Pentecostal Missions Education, edited by B. Brenneman, W. R. Brookman, and N. Muhovich. (North Central University Press, 2006).


Byron D. Klaus
Professor of Intercultural Leadership Studies

BS: Bethany Bible College
MRE: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
DMin: Fuller Theological Seminary

Thesis: Southern California College: A Plan for Ministerial Formation

Dr. Klaus retired as AGTS president July 2015, completing 16 years of shaping servant leaders, who in turn, have influenced tens of thousands of people around the world. Prior to coming to AGTS, Dr. Klaus served over 20 years as vice president for Latin America ChildCare, a child development ministry serving over 80,000 children in 21 nations. His commitment to leadership development has allowed him to impact leaders in over 50 nations.


DeLonn Rance
Director of Intercultural Doctoral Studies
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Chair of the Global Missions Department
2008–2009 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions

BA: Bethany College (now Bethany University)
MA: (Missions) Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
MA: (Leadership) Vanguard University
PhD: (Intercultural Studies) Fuller Theological Seminary
Doctor Honoris Causa: Universidad Cristiana de las Asambleas De Dios (El Salvador)

Dissertation: The Empowered Call: the Activity of the Holy Spirit in Salvadoran Assemblies of God Missionaries

Dr. Rance’s (AGTS MA 1983) passion for teaching and preaching has led to twenty years of missionary experience among the people of El Salvador and a transforming vision for the training and sending of missionaries from the majority world. Having been raised in Guatemala as a child of missionaries, he experienced a call to raise up Latin Americans for missions is his teenage years. He arrived in El Salvador as a missionary (and AGTS alumnus) at age 23 and immediately set out to fulfill that calling by becoming the founding dean and professor of missiology for the School of Theology and Missions at the Universidad Cristiana de las Asambleas de Dios.

He led in the formation of the AG Department of Missions in the Salvadoran national church and served as its president for its first eight years, preaching missions across the nation of El Salvador and throughout Latin America. He is the founder of CAMAD, a missionary training center in El Salvador, and is adviser to a network of AG missions agencies in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean called Misiones en Conjunto. Together with other leaders, he helped to build what has become a strong missionary movement in the national churches of the region.

Currently, he acts as the missiologist for the Missions Commissions of both the Assemblies of God World Fellowship and the Pentecostal World Fellowship. He and his wife Valerie have three adult children and two grandchildren.


Paul Lewis
Admissions and Program Coordinator, Intercultural Doctoral Studies
Professor of Historical Theology and Intercultural Studies

BA: (Antiquities and History) Southwest Missouri State University
MDiv: (Missions) Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
MA: (History) Southwest Missouri State University
PhD: (Religion-Concentration in Theology) Baylor University

Dissertation: "Value Formation and the Holy Spirit in the Theologies of Thomas C. Oden, Jürgen Moltmann, and J. Rodman Williams"

In the 1980s, Dr. Lewis (AGTS MDiv 1988) engaged in pastoral and campus ministry in Louisiana, Missouri and Texas. He and his wife, Eveline, were home missionaries to international students in central Texas from 1991–1995. From 1995–2006, they were appointed as Assemblies of God World Missions (USA) missionaries to Northern Asia. There, they worked on the college campuses and eventually became the regional directors for Global University in Northern Asia. In addition, they started a company for local engagement with management oversight of the Neo-natal and special needs units in an orphanage and for the translation of training materials.

In 2006 they moved to Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio, Philippines where Dr. Lewis served as academic dean until March 2012 (he also taught annually on faculty from 1997–2006). Currently, he is the admissions and program coordinator for Intercultural Doctoral Studies at AGTS. Dr. Lewis’ articles have appeared in the African Journal of Pentecostal Theology, Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies, Cyberjournal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Research, Mythlore, and The Spirit & Church. His essays have appeared in the New International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements and Encyclopedia of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity. He is the former editor of the Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies (2008–2012) and is the current editor of Encounter: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry. He is also the co-founder and editor of the International Journal of Pentecostal Missiology.

He has been a member of several academic agencies including American Society of Missiology, Asia Pacific Theological Association, Evangelical Missiological Society, International Bonhoeffer Society and the Society for Pentecostal Studies. He has an interest in the integration of theology and missions and history of Christianity in Asia (especially in the pre-colonial period) as well as hermeneutics (including Chinese hermeneutics), pneumatology and cross-cultural ethics.

Dr. Lewis and Eveline (an ethnic Chinese from Indonesia) have two daughters, Rachel and Anastasia, who are both in college.


John M. Dahlager
DAIS Project Coordinator
Associate Professor of Intercultural Leadership

BA: North Central Bible College
MS: Bethel Theological Seminary
DMin: Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

Dr. Dahlager has served as an Assemblies of God World Missionary in Costa Rica since 1999. He works in various capacities in Costa Rica including working with children by founding and directing the International Network of Ministries for Ministers’ Kids, teaching in Costa Rican Bible School, and advising the National Christian Education department.

Jon also serves the region as the President of the Assemblies of God accrediting institution for ministerial training for Latin America (ATAL). In addition, he coordinated and wrote a nine course youth ministry specialization for all Latin American Bible schools and teaching for the Latin American Advanced School of Theology (ISUM) and the Latin American masters level school Facultad de Teologia.


JoAnn Butrin
Adjunct Professor

RN: Geisinger Medical Center. Danville, Pennsylvania
BS: Evangel University
MS: Penn State University
PhD: University of Minnesota.

Dissertation: The Experience of Culturally Diverse Nurse-Client Encounters

Dr. Butrin has 38 years of mission’s experience, with 14 years working in rural health/community development in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She also worked with HealthCare Ministries for 20 years, traveling globally. Presently JoAnn serves on the Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God World Missions as the director of International Ministries. Dr. Butrin has written a number of publications on HIV/AIDS and health in the developing world.


Joe Castleberry
Adjunct Professor
President: Northwest Univeristy

BA: (Biblical Studies) Evangel University
MDiv: (New Testament) Princeton Theological Seminary
EdD: (International Educational Development with concentration in Higher Education Administration) Columbia University

Dissertation: It's Not Just For Ignorant People Anymore: The Future Impact of University Graduates on the Development of the Ecuadorian Assemblies of God

Dr. Castleberry has 18 years of missionary experience in Latin America in the areas of academics, pastoral ministry and community development. He is a former academic dean of AGTS and the president of Northwest University.


Johan Mostert
Professor of Community Psychology

BS: (Psychology) Bethany Bible College
BA: (Psychology) University of South Africa
BA: Hons (Psychology) Stellenbosch University
MA: (Psychology) University of South Africa
SMP: (Senior Management programme) Graduate School of Management, University of Pretoria
DPhil: (Psychology) University of Pretoria

Thesis: “The Psychodynamics of Pastoral Ministry: a Pastoral-Psychological Investigation”

Johan Mostert started his career in pastoral ministry with the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in South Africa and served churches in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. After sharpening his academic skills, he took a call to the church’s national Welfare Department to serve as a counselor to 200 abused and abandoned children at the Villa Lubet Children’s Village. Over the next 20 years his ministry grew as he progressively took over management responsibilities for community social work, geriatric and adoption services for the national church.

From 1989 to 2000 he served as national Director of the AFM Welfare Department, overseeing several hundred employees. The dawning of democracy in the country and the severity of the AIDS crisis brought new challenges as he led his department into full racial integration and attempted to steer the wider church toward increased sensitivity to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. He was a co-founder of Chrisnet, a network of Christian churches involved in welfare and development that negotiated with the new government for new social legislation, funding priorities and the recognition of the role of faith-based organizations.

Johan is widely recognized as a leading authority on local-church response to the global AIDS pandemic and travels frequently as a speaker and project consultant for faith-based development agencies in the US and internationally. In 2004 he began teaching in the counseling department at AGTS. His course included Research Methods, Tests and Measurements, Cross-Cultural Counseling and Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. He also teaches two subjects in the practical theology: Relationships of the Leader and Pentecostal Perspectives on Justice, the Church and Society


John L. Easter
Associate Professor of Intercultural Leadership

BA: Central Bible College
MA: Reformed Theological Seminary
PhD: Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

Dr. Easter (AGTS PhD 2011) serves as a missionary educator with the Assemblies of God World Missions in Africa. In his role as the regional strategic leader for training, he also serves as the director of Africa’s Hope–a ministry that aids various training programs among national AG schools in Africa; the vice chancellor of Pan-Africa Theological Seminary–the doctoral initiative of the AG in Africa and the executive director of the Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa–a multidenominational association providing schools with accreditation service, faculty enrichment and scholarly publication.

In 2001 John established All Nations Theological Seminary in cooperation with the Malawi Assemblies of God to provide a regional training school preparing African men and women for missionary service. In addition, John participates as a member of the World Mission Commission for the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance. Before serving in Africa, he pastored for 13 years in the United States. Presently, John and his wife, Cheryl, are based in Nairobi, Kenya, coordinating over 150 training systems across the African continent and dozens of African trainers.


Marvin G. Gilbert
Associate Professor of Intercultural Education and Research

BA: Central Bible College
MS: Central Missouri State University
DEd: Texas Tech University

Dissertation: Variables in the Decision by Assemblies of God Pastors to Counsel or Refer

Prior to beginning his academic ministry, Dr. Gilbert served as a youth minister, enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and directed a church-based counseling service. After teaching at Evangel University for four years, he became a missionary educator: teaching and serving as vice principal for academic books and teaching at the West Africa Advanced School of Theology in Togo and Cape Theological Seminary in South Africa. At the seminary, he also served as dean of post-graduate studies and recently was appointed director of graduate research.

Dr. Gilbert has published articles in the Journal of Pastoral Counseling, Journal of Psychology and Theology, Psychological Reports and Journal of College Student Personal. He has also written chapters in the series, The Holy Spirit and Counseling (Hendrickson Publishers)


Beth Grant
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

BS: (Christian Education) Central Bible College
MA: (Cultural Anthropology) Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
PhD: (Intercultural Education) Biola University, School of Intercultural Studies,

Theological Education in India: Leadership Development for the Indian or Western Church?

Dr. Beth Grant (AGTS MA 1979) has served as a missionary to Eurasia/India for 35 years. She has focused particularly on theological education, intercultural education for cross-cultural ministry and the development of women in ministry. She, along with her husband, is founder and leader of Project Rescue, a ministry to women and child victims of sex trafficking in Eurasia. Dr. Grant recently completed a project on behalf of the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking to develop an international curriculum for training caregivers to survivors of sexual slavery. “Hands that Heal” was published in 2007.

Dr. Grant has served as adjunct faculty at Southern Asia Bible College (Bangalore, India), Continental Theological Seminary (Brussels, Belgium), Evangel University (Springfield, Missouri), Cape Theological Seminary (Cape Town, South Africa) and North Central University (Minneapolis, Minnesota). She has authored two books: Beyond The Soiled Curtain: Project Rescue’s Fight for the Victims of the Sex-Slave Industry (2007) and Courageous Compassion: Confronting Social Injustice God’s Way (2014).


Dr. Johnson
2006–2007 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions
Adjunct Professor

University of Washington
BA: (Pastoral Ministry) Northwest University
MA: (Biblical Literature), Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
MA: (Leadership) Azusa Pacific University
PhD: Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (University of Wales)

Dissertation: Leadership in a Bangkok Slum: An Ethnography of Thai Urban Poor in the Lang Wat Pathum Wanaram Community

Since beginning his missionary career in Thailand in 1986, Dr. Johnson has distinguished himself as one of the brightest thinkers in Pentecostal missions.


Anita L. Koeshall
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
2010–2011 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions

BS: Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin
MA: Intercultural Studies, BIOLA University
PhD: Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dissertation: Toward a Theory of Dynamic Asymmetry and Redeemed Power: A Case Study of Reflexive Agents in German Pentecostal Churches

Since 1980, Dr. Anita Koeshall and her husband, John, have engaged in university student ministry in Europe. Since 2002, Anita has been involved in training of new missionaries in AGWM’s missionary training in Springfield as well as on the field in Europe and Central Asia. As part of their ministry, they developed the organization, Students for Christ in Europe.

In 1991, they established a training center in Brussels, Belgium to equip campus ministry leaders from Europe and other parts of the world. They also have helped train leaders in Asia and Africa. Prior to their European ministry, the Koeshalls pioneered the Chi Alpha ministry in the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District from 1969 to 1980. Anita also has served as a guest professor of European mission at Evangel University.


John F. Koeshall
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
2010–2011 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions

BA: North Central University
BS: Wisconsin State University
MA: Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
PhD: Biola University

Dissertation: The Effects of the Marxist-Leninist Educational System on the Thinking Abilities of East German Students

Since 1980, Dr. John Koeshall, and his wife, Anita, have engaged in university student ministry in Europe. From 1986 to the present, John has coordinated University Student Ministry-Europe for Assemblies of God World Missions. As part of their ministry, the couple developed the organization, Students for Christ in Europe.

In 1991, they established a training center in Brussels, Belgium to equip campus ministry leaders from Europe and other parts of the world. They also have helped train leaders in Asia and Africa. Prior to their European ministry, the Koeshalls pioneered the Chi Alpha ministry in the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District from 1969 to 1980. John also has served as a guest professor of European mission at Evangel University and has taught apologetics at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels.


Annette Newberry
Associate Professor of Pentecostal History and Missions
Dissertation Final Copy Editor

AA: Orange Coast College
BS, Diploma : Southwestern Assemblies of God University
DMin, MDiv & MA:  Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

Major Project: General Epistles: Faith for Turbulent Times: A Discovery Series Textbook Designed for  Bible Colleges in Africa

Under appointment with the Assemblies of God World Missions, Dr. Newberry served as a missionary/educator in Malawi, Africa; Jamaica; West Indies and Belize, Central America. In Malawi, Annette was director of Women’s Ministries and a member of the Malawian Literature Committee. Passionate about providing relevant teaching to the local culture, she has been involved in curriculum development, writing of syllabi and production of educational materials for educators in Malawi, Jamaica and Belize.

Annette has written various articles for several denominational publications; coauthored the course, Assemblies of God History, Missions and Governance for Global University and recently wrote a textbook, A Call to Commitment: the General Epistles, for use in African Bible Colleges.


Ivan Satyavrata
2009–2010 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions

BTh: Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, India
BD: Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India
MTh: Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
PhD: The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, U.K. [British Open University]

Thesis: "God has not left Himself without Witness": A Critical Examination of the 'Fulfilment' Concept in the Christian Understanding of Other Religions in Indian Christian Thought, with special reference to the Contribution of Krishna Mohan Banerjea and Sadhu Sundar Singh to Protestant Fulfilment Theology.

Ivan Satyavrata spent the early years of his ministry as a pioneer pastor in downtown Bombay, active in street evangelism and outreach in the city slums. From 1985 he served on the teaching faculty and in various administrative capacities at Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, prior to his appointment as president in 1998. Since April 2006 he has served as senior pastor of a multilingual 3,500 member congregation in the city of Calcutta in east India. The church serves as the hub for a mission to the wider region, giving support and oversight to over 300 churches. In addition the church features a social outreach that provides education and basic health care for over 30,000 children.

As an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God, Ivan is deeply engaged in a variety of compassion and development ministries. He serves as board chairman of Bombay Teen Challenge--a Christian NGO involved in the rehabilitation of street children, drug addicts and commercial sex workers in Bombay--and also as a society member for World Vision India.


Charles E. Self
Professor of Church History

BA, MA & PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz
MA, Graduate Theological Union

While Dr. Self’s academic specialty is history, God has gifted him in multiple areas. Prior to his joining the faculty at AGTS, he served for 30 years in various pastoral roles—including senior pastor—and concurrently taught for 28 years.

He has played an active role in evangelical and Pentecostal theological education in India, and currently serves as director of the Assemblies of God Association for Theological Education in South Asia and the chair of the board for the Centre for Global Leadership Development/ Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore. Ivan had his early education in India, did his Th. M. at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada, and his Ph.D. through the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, U.K. He has published a number of articles, his first book is about to come off the press, and his Ph.D. thesis is due for publication. His chief interest has been in issues relating to the Christian witness to people of other faiths.

While Dr. Self’s academic specialty is history, God has gifted him in multiple areas. Prior to his joining the faculty at AGTS, he served for 30 years in various pastoral roles—including senior pastor—and concurrently taught for 28 years at the following schools: Bethany University, AGTS (adjunct), Western Seminary (adjunct), George Fox University and Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. Besides church history courses, he has taught theology, philosophy, ethics, apologetics, leadership and ministry.

An able communicator to secular audiences as well as to the Church, Dr. Self is frequently invited to speak at civic, community and training events. Along with many appearances in media shows, he has served as “Dr. History” for the leading talk radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing a weekly segment from 2004 to the present. He has published the books The Power of Faithful Focus (Heath Communications) and The Divine Dance (Authorhouse), as well as articles in the Pentecostal Evangel, Pneuma and Kairos journal.

In 2007 Dr. Self directed the establishment and development of AGTS West in collaboration with the Northern California-Nevada District Council and Bethany University.

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