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Summer 2012, Vol.9

Message from the President: The Way I See It

Byron D. Klaus, D.Min. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
President, Professor of Intercultural Leadership Studies,

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Knowledge on Fire is part of the AGTS ethos. While it has been implicit in the character of this seminary since its inception in 1972, Dr. Del Tarr gave it texture during his tenure as president in the 1990s.

More than a slogan, Knowledge on Fire is a way of approaching the leadership roles in which God has gifted individuals to participate.

This issue of Encounter provides ample evidence that a sharp mind challenged by thorough theological study and combined with a passionate heart that hungers after God, is a vital model of service in Christ's Kingdom.

My friend, Rich Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, suggests that fostering a healthy connection between the core and the edge is what makes for dynamic theological learning.

The core is found in the study of God's Word that reveals to us a redeeming God. The edge is experienced as we obediently follow Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, to impact a needy world with a redemptive message of transformation.

Enjoy this issue of Encounter! It represents the vital dynamic between the core and the edge that is built on an unshakeable gospel foundation that drives us to the edges of a needy world relying on the Spirit of God.

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