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Seminarian’s Conference 2011

Pentecostal Theological Perspectives BTHM/THEM 639 Reading Report

Day 1--

Randy Quackenbush:

Power Point 1
Power Point 2
Power Point 3

Byron Klaus:

Syllabus--Pentecostal Theo. Perspectives
Klaus__Peter's Theological Method
Klaus__Teaching Session
Klaus__Isaiah 6

Day 2-

Lim__Desirable Qualities for Potential Disciples
Lim__Disciple Making.ppt
Palm__Emotional Formation of Leader
Palm and Walls__Bibliography

Walls__Christian Spirituality
Lim__Chart Overview_1
Lim__Areas to Include in Holistic Discipleship_2
Lim__Survey of Ministry Goals_3

Lim__Survey Approaches to Discipleship__4
Lim__Growing Through the Circumstances of Life__5
Lim__Strategies for Building ai Disciple-Making Ministry__6
Lim__Chapter 1_-Non-Discipleship__7
Lim__Chapter 2__Flawed Paradigms__8
Klaus__Thoughts on Discipleship
Klaus__Pentecostals Achilles Heel
Klaus__Charisma__Encyclopedia Article

Day 3

Oss__Redemptive Historical Unfolding-1.ppt
Oss__Redemptive Historical Unfolding Cone.ppt
Railey__Seminarian's Conference Teaching
Railey__Bibliography on Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Klaus__Thoughts on Pentecost and the Baptism of the Spirit

Day 4

Rance__AG Minutes 2009 p 49 62-65
Rance__2009 AG Constitution & Bylaws with Minutes
Rance__ Lausanne Covenant
Rance__CapeTown Commitment
Rance__Communicating the Gospel
Rance__CT Response to Christian Witness in Multi-Religious World
Rance__Lausanne Occasional Paper 21__Evangelism and Social Concern
Rance__Lausanne Occassional Paper 33__Holistic Mission and AIDS
Rance__Lausanne Occassional Paper 38__Partnership and Collaboration
Rance__Lausanne Occassional Paper 39__The Local Church in Mission
Rance__Lausanne Occassional Paper 42__Prayer and Evangelism
Rance__Lausanne Occassional Paper 56__Funding for Evangelism and Mission
Rance__Manila Manifesto
Rance__The Apostolic People of God
Rance__2010-01-029-johnson World Stats
Klaus__The Holy Spirit Calls Us
Klaus__Growing Edges have Shifted

Day 5

A Moral Imagination by Doug Petersen 10.13.06
Klaus__Some Biblical Thoughts on Compassion
Klaus_3 articles from Transformation magazine

Mostert__A My Story
Mostert__Fourth Pillar
Mostert__Reading List



Monday, July 18, 2011 at 12:42pm

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