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Use of Library Facilities & Materials


Student Computer Center

The Cordas C. Burnett Library Student Computer Center offers computers to aid students in their studies. The center is equipped with 16 computers, a laser printer, and a copy machine/scanner. The computers all utilize Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. Internet access is available on each computer. To use a computer, students simply need to log-in using their EU ID and Password (a guest login account is available upon request for approved guest patrons).

Restrictions on Use

Use of the Cordas C. Burnett Library Student Computer Center by patrons will be regulated by the following policies:

  1. Patrons must either log-in to the specific computer they wish to use with their EU log-in or, if they have no log-in, sign up in the log book at the Circulation Desk, recording their name and the time of use. Patrons who need to sign the log book will be logged onto a computer as a guest by the Circulation Staff.

  2. Patrons must be willing to leave the center at times when it is closed or reserved. Non-EU patrons must be willing to surrender the computer they are using to an EU patron who requires its usage. In addition, any patrons using a Guest Account may be asked to surrender the computer they are using to another patron if they have been on the machine for over two hours and the center has become overcrowded.

  3. Patrons may bring in CDs or DVDs to run on the computers. However, the library is not responsible for providing support for any personal software brought in by library patrons. Those who listen to music or audio programs must do so with headphones.

  4. Patrons are not permitted to change any of the settings on the computers and, under no circumstances, may shut off a machine or disconnect any network cables or other cables.

  5. Due to security concerns and federal regulations, patrons are not permitted to connect any network cables to their laptops.

  6. Patrons are only to use the Internet for research and to enhance their educational pursuits. Multimedia broadcasts (audio, video, chat rooms and/or animated videos) are only permissible if the programs fall within the scope of research and study. Patrons who are NOT using computers for academic purposes may be asked to leave at any time if the center becomes overcrowded.

  7. Patrons are not permitted to access obscene, pornographic, or other similarly morally questionable material.

  8. Patrons may not intentionally download or install copyrighted material for personal use without prior approval. This includes commercial software, shareware, freeware, typefaces or fonts, wallpaper, sound files or other multimedia.

  9. Commercial use of the network is strictly prohibited.

  10. Students should exercise caution in answering questions regarding the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary or Evangel University and should not respond to any inquirer or initiate any information without full disclosure of name, address and identity of the inquirer. No student shall assume the responsibility of speaking for the Board of Administration or individual member of the Board of Administration or interpret seminary or university policy in any electronic or other form of communication. No student may communicate on behalf of another student or EU employee unless specifically authorized by that student or employee to do so.

The library reserves the right to suspend the computer access privileges of patrons who violate any of these policies. Internet activity logs may be monitored in order to ensure compliance with Internet access policy.

Students who inadvertently access obscene, pornographic, or other similar morally questionable material should immediately terminate connection with that site and submit an Internet Incident Report (forms available at the Circulation Desk) to library personnel.

Printing Policy

Library staff will stock the Computer Center's laser printer with paper. Although free printing is primarily reserved for EU students who have paid their technology fee, the library does permit guest patrons to print out a limited number of pages.

Use of Computer Center by Guests

Use of the AGTS Student Computer Center is restricted to current EU patrons, current students of consortium schools, and members of other approved patron groups. Furthermore, guest patrons should only use the computers to search the online library catalog and resources or to briefly look up information related to their current studies. Guests may print out a limited number of pages containing the results of such searches.

AGTS library staff reserve the right to ask guest patrons to leave the Student Computer Center or to suspend computer access privileges if it is felt that such patrons are using the center in a manner that is inconsistent with these regulations.

E-mail Security

EU/AGTS students may use the Student Computer Center machines to access their personal e-mail accounts. However, it is recommended that good security practices and precautions are observed:

  • Do not open any e-mail that looks suspicious, even if it is from someone you know.

  • In regards to e-mail attachments: You should never directly open any e-mail attachments. If you do desire to open an attachment from someone you know and feel you can trust, be sure to first save it to the computer drive or to disk (the anti-virus software installed on the machine will check for viruses).

  • Never open an attachment with a file name ending with an .exe, .bat, .scr, or .zip extension. (However, be aware that even files that appear to be text documents based on their extensions may actually be malicious programs in disguise. Your e-mail service may not be set to display the entire name of an attached file. Many virus creators take advantage of this fact, creating lengthy names for their files in order to hide the actual file extension.)

Students who encounter any problems or have any reason to believe that there may be a problem, are encouraged to report the situation to library staff immediately.

Storage Devices

Students are expected to supply their own storage devices for work in progress.


The Student Computer Center will open at the same time as the library (see the Library Hours page). However, library staff will shut down the center 10 minutes prior to the library's closing time. In addition, the center (and the AGTS library) will close during any Community Chapel services.

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Research Materials

Direct Institutional Internet Access Resources

EU/AGTS students may use the Computer Center or personal laptops connected to the university's wireless network to search for periodical articles (full text and abstracts), ebooks, and other resources in a variety of online databases that can be accessed through direct institutional Internet access. For a full list of available online databases, refer to the Indexes & Databases page.

In addition, current students (resident or distance) will be able to access most of these online resources from their home computers utilizing their EU ID and Password.

Local Software Resources

In the Computer Center, EU/AGTS students may also utilize Bible Works 8.0 and Accordance Bible software on some of the computers.


Information concerning periodicals owned by AGTS can be found by conducting a "Journal" title search in the online catalog. Journal records in the online catalog will indicate where specific volumes and issues of individual periodicals are located in the library.

Periodicals can be found in the following locations:

  • Current issues (issues that have been released in the last year) of periodicals are shelved on the current periodical shelves (located next to the Circulation Desk).

  • Bound periodicals (location listed as "Bound"), are shelved alphabetically by journal title in the reference collection.

  • Unbound back issues and volumes of periodicals (location listed as "Paper"), are kept in the periodicals room. Only library personnel are permitted in the Periodicals Room. You will need to submit a Periodical Request Form, provided at the Circulation Desk, that includes basic information about the article: such as journal title, article title, volume, number, and date.

  • Back files of many of the periodicals are on Microfilm or Microfiche. You will need to submit a Periodical Request Form for any articles in this format that you wish to view. Library staff can assist you in the use of the Microform Readers.

No library patron may remove these items from the library or "reserve" them for future use unless they receive special permission from a library administrator.

Reference and Theses Books

All library patrons have access to the Reference Section on the 1st floor of the library. These items have call numbers that begin with the letters "REF." Unpublished theses are kept at the Circulation Desk and have a call number beginning with "THESIS." No library patron may remove these items from the library or reserve them for future use unless they receive special permission from a library administrator.

If anyone wants to specifically search the library collection for dissertations or theses, there are a couple of options. A patron could simply add the term "thesis" to their string of terms in a keyword search to try to narrow their results down. The library staff also have provided a binder at the Circulation Desk that includes complete title lists of the "THESIS" collection, one list sorted by author name and the other by book call number.


DVDs, videocassettes, and audiocassettes can be found in the Automated Library System by performing speaker ("Author"), "Title," "Subject," or "Keyword" searches. Patrons may request a DVD, videocassette, or audiocassette by call number at the Circulation Desk. These materials may either be used in the library or checked out by EU/AGTS patrons according to the established Circulation Policies.

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Copies of Chapel Services

The AGTS library has a collection of archived past AGTS chapel sermons:

  • Chapel sermons from the Spring Semester of 2003 and earlier are available on cassette tape. A CD copy can be made upon request. Prices may vary.

  • For Chapel sermons from the Fall Semester of 2003 and later please refer to the AGTS website.

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DVD/VHS Players

See the Reserved Study Rooms section for details concerning available DVD/VHS players and television monitors.

CD/Cassette Players

Portable CD/cassette players and headphones are available at the Circulation Desk. This equipment is for use in the library and may be used in one of several carrels that are equipped with electrical outlets. Earphones or headphones should be used when listening to any audio recordings in the library.

Microform Readers

The microform reading area is equipped with microfiche and microfilm readers. The library also has a microform reader/printer that will produce photocopies from microfilm or microfiche. This reader/printer is available for student use. There is no charge for photocopies of microforms. Library personnel are available to make copies for patrons upon request. The cost for such service is $.10 per page.


A copy machine/scanner is located on the first floor. A current student card is required in order to make copies or scans. Guests who wish to make copies must make arrangements with the library circulation staff. Library personnel are available to make copies or scans for patrons upon request. The cost for such services is $.10 per page.

The copy machine/scanner can be used to scan and email an electronic copy of a document to a patron's personal email account.

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Reserved Study Rooms

Two rooms on the second floor have been set aside for small group study sessions. These rooms have also been equipped with television sets and VHS/DVD players for group or individual viewing of videos.

One of these rooms (232-B) houses the Dr. Gary B. McGee Research Collection for Church History and Pentecostal Studies and the George W. Southwick Research Collection for Anglo-Israel Studies. This room will be left open at all times and the study space can be used by students on a "first-come-first served" basis unless reserved by library administration for some particular purpose. The cart with the TV and VHS/DVD player for this room will be stored in the other study room but can be retrieved by library staff for students when requested.

In order to use the second room (232-C), students must sign up at the Circulation Desk and a Circulation staff member must unlock the door. Students will be allowed to reserve this room for 2 hours. However, if no one else has need of the room at the end of the 2 hours, students may remain there until a Circulation staff member informs them that someone else has signed up for use of the room.

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Students deserve a quiet library conducive to serious study. Common library courtesy includes the following:

  • Library patrons should refrain from loud or lengthy conversations in all study areas.

  • Patrons must closely supervise the behavior of children that they bring with them to the library. The AGTS library staff may ask patrons to remove children from the library that are creating an excessive disturbance in the library's computer and study facilities.

  • Patrons are not to monopolize study carrels or reference materials, allowing for reasonable access for all patrons. Study carrels cannot be held for patrons who are attending class or eating lunch. Books left in unattended study carrels will be checked in and reshelved.

  • Before leaving the library, patrons are requested to return reference materials to designated areas: periodicals, reference books, and reserve books to the Circulation Desk, and circulating books to the book return tables in the study areas. Do not attempt to reshelve any books that you have removed from library shelves.

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Telephone and Cell Phone Use

Library patrons are encouraged to practice appropriate cell phone etiquette when using their personal cell phones in the library facilities. This includes setting their cell phones to vibrate and, as much as reasonably possible, refraining from carrying on extended conversations in close proximity to students who are studying or otherwise engaged in research activities. The library staff does reserve the right to ask patrons to take cell phone conversations outside of the library facilities if it is deemed that such conversations are having a disruptive effect.

Telephones located in the library are business phones. A courtesy phone has been provided in the student lounge for personal calls. Library patrons cannot be paged or called to the Circulation Desk telephone except in emergencies. Messages may be accepted and communicated to the patron.

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