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Biblical Studies Video List

VHS and DVD Formats

(Includes History of the Ancient, Hellenistic, and Roman World)

Title Format Location
A.D.: Anno Domini (epic length drama) DVD DVD 93
Alexander the Great: ruler of the world VHS AV 397
Ancient civilizations - Ancient Rome DVD DVD 12
Ancient Greece VHS AV 657
And there was light (Alden Films - history of the Bible's inception and translation) VHS AV 369
And this is where it all began (Alden Films - birth of Christianity; tour of modern Israel) VHS AV 370
Ancient roots (Alden Films - archaeological sites in Israel) VHS AV 371
The Archaeology of Jerusalem: From David to Jesus (Biblical Archaeology Society - 2 tapes) VHS AV 181-182
The Battles of Armageddon (Eric Cline - BAS) VHS AV 648
The Dead Sea Scrolls - I: The Secrets of the Caves - Discoveries & Controversies (BAS) VHS AV 183
The Dead Sea Scrolls - II: Qumran & the Text of the Hebrew Bible (BAS) VHS AV 184
The Dead Sea Scrolls - III: The Dead Sea Scroll & the Early Christian Church (BAS) VHS AV 185
The Dead Sea Scrolls - IV: Living at the End of Time - The Beliefs of an Apocalyptic Community (BAS) VHS AV 186
The Dead Sea Scrolls - V: The Rewritten Bible at Qumran (BAS) VHS AV 187
The Dead Sea Scrolls - VI: Reconstructing the Dead Sea Scrolls - Computer & Concordances (BAS) VHS AV 188
Enoch and Jesus: parallel paths to Heaven (Birger Pearson - BAS) VHS AV 640
Family demographics in ancient Israel (David Schloen - BAS) VHS AV 633
Faith Lessons series - see "That the world may know" -


Foot soldier: the Greeks (Greek military history) VHS AV 395
Foot soldier: the Romans (Roman military history) VHS AV 396
From Alexander to Cleopatra: Greek art of the Hellenistic age (2 tapes) VHS AV 81-82
Galilean archaeology and the historical Jesus quest (Douglas Edwards - BAS) VHS AV 643
Gill, Deborah M. - Inaugural Lecture, AGTS (Feb. 21, 2007) :"Intellectual but not thoughtful, righteous but not just: trumping hermeneutical a prioris for the sake of the truth" DVD DVD 86
A Great and holy week: Easter in Jerusalem (Alden Films - tours historical sites in Jerusalem) VHS AV 392
Gods and heroes of Greece and Rome (Mary Lee Nolan - 2 tapes) VHS AV 696-697
God's footstool and footprints: the ark of the covenant and divine feet in texts and archaeology (Michael Coogan - BAS) VHS AV 644
Gospel truth? (historicity of the Gospels) VHS AV 98
The Gossamer thread (Talmud, Judaism, & history of synagogues - 2 tapes) VHS AV 560-561
Grace and law: MMT and Paul (Martin Abegg - BAS) VHS AV 629
The Hebrew script (Alden Films) VHS AV 378
Honor and shame: core values of the Biblical world (Richard Rohrbaugh - BAS) VHS AV 639
The Intellectual, the archaeologist, and the Bible (Philip Davies - BAS) VHS AV 627
Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Peter Flint - BAS) VHS AV 631
Israel and its foreign others: imagining Israelite identity (Ronald Hendel - BAS) VHS AV 647
Jesus (Story of Christ recreated from the Gospel of Luke) VHS AV 300
Locating the Herodian Temple: old and new theories in light of ancient literary evidence (James Tabor - BAS) VHS AV 641
The long past lives (Alden Films - tour of Christian holy places in Israel) VHS AV 372
A matrix of meaning of sacred alphabets: a lecture by Stan Tenen (Alden Films) VHS AV 379
Megiddo in the period of the Judges (Timothy Harrison - BAS) VHS AV 630
Memorial ceremonies for the kings of Judah (Gabriel Barklay - BAS) VHS AV 636
Mightier than the sword (the Bible and history) VHS AV 174
Mona Lisa of the Galilee (Ancient Israeli art) VHS AV 377
Nero: legend of a monster? VHS AV 656
New Testament Greek 1A: for NCU and AGTS (Dr. Deborah M. Gill - set of 14, 2 copies of each unit) DVD DVD 135
New Testament Greek 1B: for NCU and AGTS (Dr. Deborah M. Gill - set of 14, 2 copies of each unit) DVD DVD 136
Pompeii: daily life of the ancient Romans VHS AV 658
Power encounter with the Word of God (Bible Translation - Wycliffe Associates) VHS AV 664
The Powerful gods of Mount Olympus (Greek mythology - A&E) VHS AV 393
Preparing the way for Jesus - Jesus file: tracking the Messiah (life of Christ in the form of an "intelligence file") VHS AV 702
Recent explorations in the Sinai: implications for the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt (James Hoffmeier - BAS) VHS AV 637
Rome, the eternal city (Video Travel Library) VHS AV 810
Scholars, scrolls, and scandals: Dead Sea Scrolls, Judaism and Christianity, Part 1 (Lawrence Schiffman - BAS) VHS AV 632
Sea of dreams (Alden Films - historical and present day life in the Sea of Galilee region) VHS AV 383
Seafaring in biblical times (Shelley Wachsmann - BAS) VHS AV 642
The Second great battle of Jericho: the story of biblical archaeology VHS AV 660
Secrets of Jerusalem: archaeological discoveries from the 1st and 2nd temple periods (Alden Films) VHS AV 376
Solomon in his context: he's for real! (Kenneth Kitchen - BAS) VHS AV 628
Stratigraphy in geography, history and archaeology (John Monson - BAS) VHS AV 635
That the world may know, vol. 1: Faith lessons on the promised land (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 127
That the world may know, vol. 2: Faith lessons on the prophets and kings of Israel (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 128
That the world may know, vol. 3: Faith lessons on the life and ministry of the Messiah (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 129
That the world may know, vol. 4: Faith lessons on the death and resurrection of the Messiah (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 130
That the world may know, vol. 5: Faith lessons on the early church (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 131
That the world may know, vol. 6: Faith lessons, in the dust of the Rabbi (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 132
That the world may know, vol. 7: Faith lessons, walk as Jesus walked (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 133
That the world may know: The True Easter story, the promise kept (Focus on the Family Films) DVD DVD 126
Tracing Mount Sinai (Alden Films) VHS AV 367
The True story of the Roman arena VHS AV 655
The Western Tradition - Part 11: Early Christianity & Part 12: The Rise of the Church VHS AV 333
What is challenging and new about the Dead Sea Scrolls? (James Charlesworth - BAS) VHS AV 646
What we don't know about the Biblical Moab (Bruce Routledge - BAS) VHS AV 634
Why are the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament so similar and yet so different? (James Sanders - BAS) VHS AV 645
The Wilderness of Zin (Alden Films - archaeology in the Negev Desert) VHS AV 375



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