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AGTS News: Counseling Graduate Ministers to Top Police Officials in Nicaragua

Cynthia Nicholson, class of 2003, recently faced an unusual ministry opportunity. She presented a marriage enrichment seminar to the highest police officials in the nation of Nicaragua, Central America.

The prime commissioner of the national police force requested that the local AG missionary, Bob Caiazzo, put together a seminar that would address the specific marriage needs of the nation’s police force. He contacted Cynthia.

“I had done many marriage seminars over our years of ministry,” said Cynthia, “but this was a new challenge.” She wondered how she would be able to speak into the lives of these policemen in a culturally sensitive way. The answer, she discovered, was in her knowledge of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its effects on the lives of policemen worldwide due to the violent nature of their work. “That gave me entry to deal with the lives of those who have to leave their emotions behind while on the job, and, therefore, find it difficult to turn the heart back on before going home to reconnect with spouse and Children.”

Fifteen out of 17 Nicaraguan states were represented among the 80 high-ranking officials present at the seminar. When a salvation message was presented at the end of the seminar, many officers came to a saving knowledge of Christ. “I realized,” said Cynthia, “that God had given me an incredible open door to touch these officials who in turn will affect the nation of Nicaragua.”

Cynthia and her husband, Dick, are regional directors for AG World Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean. They oversee 450 missionaries and about 160 missionary associates who have dealt with several massive and deadly hurricanes and earthquakes over the last few years. With the knowledge she gained from her counseling studies at AGTS, Cynthia was able to counsel and instruct these missionaries in dealing with PTSD.

Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 8:57 AM

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