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AGTS News: Listen to award-winning engineer address discoveries that are transforming perspectives on God and creation

Steve Krstulovich, an award-winning lead engineer at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, visited AGTS on Tuesday, November 4, to address the topic "Revolutionary Discoveries in Physics and Cosmology: Transforming the Way Scientists Are Looking at God and Creation."

Steve KrstulovichSteve Krstulovich

"He gave a masterful  presentation of some of the latest developments in the fields of cosmology and physics," said Dr. Stephen Lim, AGTS acadmic dean. "Using humor and analogies from common objects and experiences he made difficult concepts intelligible. He gave many examples of extremely precise “fine-tuning” of the physics of the universe that made life on earth possible. These discoveries have made scientists more open to the possibility of a higher intellect or God who enabled the universe to be what it is."


Over 175 students and facutly from surrounding colleges and universities (secular and Christian) and pastors from area churches attended this free presentation and dialogue.

Listen to this presentation and the corresponding Q&A discussion and download his resource material below.

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1 hour, 12 minutes Download the mp3 65.1 MB
Q&A 14 minutes Download the mp3 12.7 MB
Resource Material   Download the PDF 1 MB

Read Stephen Krstulovich’s blog on faith and science for more new discoveries and insights at


Updated: Tuesday, December 2, 2008 11:29 AM

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