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AGTS News: Following the Wind and riding the wave: Ivan Satyavrata inaugurated as Hogan Professor

DeLonn RanceDr. Ivan Satyavrata was inaugurated the 2009-2010 J. Philip Hogan Professor of World Missions on September 16, 2009. Over this coming year, Dr. Satyavrata will present a series of three lectures entitled "Following the Wind and Riding the Wave: Pursuing the Hogan Legacy into the Second Pentecostal Century."

In his inaugural lecture titled "J. Philip Hogan’s Spirit-led Vision and the Globalization of Pentecostal Missions in the Twenty First Century," Satyavrata focuses on two concurrent global mega-trends: the wave of globalization and the Wind of Pentecostalization. He identifies seven key priorities and action steps for Pentecostal global missions in the twenty-first century and calls Pentecostal leaders to be anchored to the Rock yet geared to the times as they follow the Wind and ride the wave.

Satyavrata presented his second lecture, "Mission 'Made to Travel' in a World Without Borders" on October 6. After establishing the biblical foundation and definition of mission, Dr. Satyavrata addressed three necessary shifts: (1) a new focus on urban centers, (2) a new understanding of indigenous culture, and (3) the development of a viable response to multiculturalism and religious plurality. Ultimately, Satyavrata calls for a mega shift regarding mission—mission is from everywhere to everywhere.

In Satyavrata's third lecture, "Friends in Mission," on November 3, he began with a theological critique of the globalization phenomenon and then focused on the remaining four globalization trends and mission priorities that were outlined in the first lecture, (1) communication technology and creative innovation, (2) the rise of global poverty and threat to human life necessitating the development of a theology of integral mission and interdependence, (3) political resistance to traditional missionary activity and the need to pursue creative avenues of access, (4) and the need to work towards partnership/covenant relationship in mission. Finally, Satyavrata calls for a second mega shift in missions—from paternalism and partnership to “friends in mission."

An additional link to a video of Satyavrata speaking in chapel at AG Headquarters on November 10, 2009, is included below.


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Inaugural Lecture, "J. Philip Hogan’s Spirit-led Vision and the Globalization of Pentecostal Missions in the Twenty First Century,"(2009 Hogan Lecture #1), 9/16/09

• Program for the lecture
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45 minutes Download the mp3 41 MB
"Mission 'Made to Travel' in a World Without Borders," 2009 Hogan Lecture #2, 10/6/09

Lecture text

1 hour and 13 minutes Download the mp3 66.8 MB
"Friends in Mission," 2009 Hogan Lecture #3, 11/3/09

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Watch Dr. Ivan Satyavrata speak in chapel at AG Headquarters.        

Next Hogan Lecture

Lecture III: "Friends in Mission—Following the Wind and Riding the Wave"
(Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 11:30-12:15 p.m.)

About Dr. Ivan Satyavrata

Ph.D., Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (U.K.)
Th.M., Regent College (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)
B.D., Union Biblical Seminary (Pune, India)
B.Th., Southern Asia Bible College (Bangalore, India)

Dr. Satyavrata leads the Assemblies of God church and its network of ministries in Kolkata, India, founded by the late Mark Buntain. These ministries include a hospital, medical services and a school system for thousands of students. Nearly 20,000 children a day receive meals and basic care through the auspices of this mission. Previous to assuming his current role in 2006, he was President of Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India, during which time he played an active role in evangelical theological education in India as Chairperson of the Asia Theological Association and the Langham Partnership Regional Council (South Asia). He now serves as Chairperson of the Board of The Center for Global Leadership Development (formerly Southern Asia Bible College). He also chairs the AG Association for Theological Education in South Asia, the Board of Bombay Teen Challenge, and serves on the Board of World Vision, India.

The J. Philip Hogan Chair of World Missions

The J. Philip Hogan Chair of World Missions at AGTSis an endowed professorship that honors the missionary leadership of this distinguished former executive director of AGWM. As a partnership between AGTS and AGWM, it calls on today’s missionaries and scholars to continue in the heritage of thoughtful, incisive and Spirit-led missiology that Brother Hogan’s ministry left us. A leading missiologist is invited annually to fill the chair in order to explore new dimensions in missiology through teaching, research and writing. Special thanks are due to AGWM, the Hyllberg Memorial Fund, Philip and Virginia Hogan and others who have contributed to the endowment of the Chair.

pulpitPrevious Hogan Chairs

The pulpit in use during the inauguration is from the Swedish Free Mission in Moorhead, Minnesota. This congregation sent the first Pentecostal missionaries from North America, Mary Johnson and Ida Anderson. They arrived in Durban, South Africa in January, 1905, one and a half years before the Azusa Street awakening. This pulpit’s permanent home is the Khoo Kay Peng World Prayer Center on the upper level of AGTS.

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Updated: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 3:08 PM

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