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AGTS News: A Presidential Report to the AGTS Community—February 26, 2009

The boards of directors of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) and Central Bible College (CBC) have empowered their respective presidents to initiate the first steps toward addressing the obvious and looming challenges to continued mission effectiveness and financial sustainability. Believing that the single-purpose missions of these two institutions provide a common set of values large enough to forge a plan of action, the boards have asked the presidents to create a purpose statement for continued action. We believe this strategic action is necessary to:

Create a seamless educational pathway for AG ministerial preparation through innovation and restructuring of our two educational institutions for greater effectiveness. Such an effort should steward financial resources and renew historical commitment to single purpose education for ministry through innovation that creates streamlined structures for comprehensive theological education appropriate to the 21st century. This revitalizing effort will serve the Assemblies of God by providing a benchmark strategy for the development of a cadre of Pentecostal leaders more than ready to meet the global challenges facing Christ�s Kingdom.

Q & A

Q: Who really initiated this process?

A: Gary Denbow and Byron Klaus met in early October and shared with each other their separate journeys that led to the common belief that we needed to consider some new forms of aligning our efforts for greater effectiveness. This current action was not initiated by any mandate from General Council leadership.

Q: What processes will be carried out in the near future as a response to the board directive?

A: There will be reflective exercises around a common set of questions with internal AGTS and CBC personnel. The teams from AGTS and CBC will meet together to arrive at initial recommendations to a joint AGTS-CBC Board of Director�s Task Force which will meet in early April. The Task Force does not include any board members who are also members of the Executive Leadership Team or Executive Presbytery.

Q: Is the current economic situation a prime motivator?

A: This initiative is crucial regardless of the economic climate. Without a doubt, current economic realities heighten issues of financial sustainability for the future.

Q: How will decisions be made along the way?

A: Institutional teams and discussion with various supporting publics will be the core of the work. The BOD of each school will be thoroughly engaged and the final decisions are the purview of the BODs. Regular progress reports will be provided for the Executive Leadership Team of the General Council, the Executive Presbytery and the General Presbytery of the Assemblies of God.  

April 8, 2009—An update from the President

Updated: Monday, April 13, 2009 10:48 AM

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