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AGTS News: AGTS Doctor of Ministry Program launches ground-breaking Women in Leadership Cohort

by Ava Oleson, D.Min. Program Coordinator

The Women in Leadership Cohort got off to a spectacular start February 9, 2009 on the AGTS campus in Springfield, Missouri. Seasoned women in key ministry positions from across the nation gathered for their first week-long course, “Renewing the Spiritual Leader,” to begin the degree program. Following their first week of class, professors and students responded enthusiastically when asked about their experience. “The Women in Leadership Cohort experience can be boiled down to one word: life-changing!”

The first ever of this type of cohort at the doctoral level in any Assemblies of God higher educational institution, the Women in Leadership Cohort, Doctor of Ministry Program is also available as a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry or Master of Divinity Equivalency. It is truly a unique educational experience!

The cohort is designed for women in full-time ministry who demonstrate strategic leadership competencies. With sensitivity to issues pertaining to women, participants are taught essentials to meet the diverse, specialized and emerging needs of the twenty-first century. Although the cohort consists of women only, each class is taught by a male and female team to provide a gender balanced platform. The purpose is to provide advanced leadership skills for women so they can emerge poised to function in their ministry settings with bolstered credentials, while being equipped to enrich the church with spiritual maturity and Pentecostal scholarship. Such a focus affords the opportunity for a group of women to travel together as they pursue new academic goals, share discoveries and continue the discipline of becoming “leaders worth following.”

The purpose of AGTS is to train men and women to fulfill the mission of the church as taught in Scripture—shaping servant leaders with knowledge, skill, and passion to revitalize the Church and evangelize the world in the power of the Spirit. The mission of each cohort is to provide delivery systems and an environment that demonstrates AGTS’ commitment as a center for resourcing ministry needs for individuals and organizations.

AGTS’ D. Min. program was inaugurated in 1997. Now, AGTS offers three doctoral degree programs: Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Missiology and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies. AGTS is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. Additionally, AGTS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. For more information on the Women in Leadership Cohort, please go to

Updated: Friday, May 29, 2009 12:38 PM

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