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AGTS News: New branch development in Orlando, Fla.

AGTS is developing a new branch campus that will host the Church Life Resources (CLR) national cohort program in the Orlando, Fla., area. Though the courses offered for the 2009–2010 academic year will be exclusive to the CLR cohorts, plans are underway to add additional courses and cohorts that will open up learning opportunities for a broader audience. The physical address of the new campus is 1132 Celebration Blvd. Celebration, Florida 34747.

Dr. Randy Walls, director of AGTS continuing education, stated, “This is a strategic move for AGTS as we continue to develop regional partnerships that provide graduate level learning opportunities for church leaders in our fellowship. With CLR founders Dr. Wayne Lee, branch director, and Dr. Sherry Lee, at the helm, we will create a program that is academically sound and clearly focused on the issues that face the contemporary church.”

Wayne Lee noted, “We are excited about the opportunities the new branch offers and commit ourselves to the training of Pentecostal leaders with the requisite knowledge, skills and passions for leading the church into a preferable future.”

Call 321-939-3995 for more information.


Updated: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:49 AM

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