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AGTS News: Ecclesiology-to-go: John and Anita Koeshall inaugurated as Hogan Professors


DeLonn RanceDrs. John and Anita Koeshall were inaugurated the 2010-2011 J. Philip Hogan Professors of World Missions on September 8, 2010. Over this coming year, the Koeshall's will present a series of three lectures entitled "Ecclesiology-To-Go: 'Being Church' and the Missiological Task."

In her inaugural lecture titled "Being Church: Images of Missiological Ecclesiology," Koeshall states

In the shifting sands of world ideological contexts, ecclesiology must be grounded on a solid biblical foundation and yet be free to encompass all cultures. The first lecture seeks to: (1) build a scaffolding on which our “being as church” can safely travel and morph, and (2) attempt to free church ecclesiology from its institutional box, informing and empowering our missiological task. We will argue for a Spirit-driven ecclesiology that is extroverted, liquid, generous, and power-giving.

In the second lecture, we will explore the praxis of generous ecclesiology in relationship to the ministries of Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) that are not traditionally classified as “church planting.” Students for Christ Europe (SFC) will serve as a case study to answer the question, “To what extent is SFC ‘church’?” How do we ground SFC and similar ministries in a “being church” trajectory that will empower them to become vibrant communities of faith?

The third lecture will focus on the capacity of a Spirit-driven, generous church to partner and covenant with others. After comparing the sociological differences of partnership, network, and covenant, we will lay a biblical foundation for power-giving relationships and critique the acid individualism that is implicit in our “self” culture.

Occasion & Date Presented Documents Length Download
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Inaugural Lecture, "Being Church: Images of Missiological Ecclesiology," (2010 Hogan Lecture #1), 9/8/10

Program for the lecture
Lecture text
Photo gallery

1 hour Download mp3 56 MB
Second Lecture, "Ecclesiology-to-Go: Discerning Church in SFC (and Other Unexpected Places)
" (2010 Hogan Lecture #2), 10/8/10
Lecture text
1 hour 29 minutes Download mp3 64.8 MB
Third Lecture, "Redeemed Power in Action: A prerequisite for a gerneous ecclesiology" (2010 Hogan Lecture #3), 11/2/10 Lecture Text 1 hour and 14 minutes Download mp3 71.1 MB

Next Hogan Lectures

Lecture 2: "Discerning Church in Students for Christ Europe"
(Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 11 a.m.)

Lecture 3: "Embracing Others as Church: Partnership or Covenant Communities"
(Tuesday, November 2, 2010, 2 p.m.)

DeLonn RanceAbout Drs. John and Anita Koeshall

Dr. John Koeshall began working in campus ministry in the 1960s, pioneering Chi Alpha in the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan district. John met and married Anita, and they continued to minister to university students in Madison, Wisconsin through a Christian book store called the Bread Shop from 1969-1980. 

In 1980, the Koeshalls responded to God’s call and moved to Munich, Germany to pioneer Students for Christ. In 1991, the Koeshalls relocated to Brussels, Belgium. There as European directors of university ministries, they established a training center, the College of Student Ministries, that would reach out and equip students from across Europe. The Koeshalls have also been privileged to train university ministry leaders in Asia and parts of Africa. Since 2002, Anita has taught new missionary colleagues in AGWM’s Missionary Training and on the field in Europe and Central Asia, equipping them to exegete culture and develop ministry strategies. Presently, Anita is the Commissioner for the University Ministries Network, an AGWM commission with the mandate to resource and empower student ministry in other regions of the world.

The Koeshalls have four children: John and Kristen are AGWM university pastors in Berlin, Germany; Sarah and Daryl Jump serve in Central Asia. Stephanie has an MA in Inter Cultural Studies, from Fuller Seminary and, with her husband, Johannes, are in graduate studies in Germany. Christian and his wife, Stephanie, live in Washington, D.C., where they both work for government contractors.

Degrees Earned

B.S., Wisconsin State University  
B.A., North Central University   
M.A., Assemblies of God Theological Seminary    
Ph.D., Biola University   

B.S., University of Wisconsin
M.A., Biola University
Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

The J. Philip Hogan Chair of World Missions

The J. Philip Hogan Chair of World Missions at AGTS is an endowed professorship which honors the missionary leadership of this distinguished former executive director of AGWM. As a partnership between AGTS and AGWM, it calls on today’s missionaries and scholars to continue in the heritage of thoughtful, incisive and Spirit-led missiology that Brother Hogan’s ministry left us. A leading missiologist is invited annually to fill the chair in order to explore new dimensions in missiology through teaching, research and writing. Special thanks are due to AGWM, the Hyllberg Memorial Fund, Philip and Virginia Hogan and others who have contributed to the endowment of the Chair.

pulpitPrevious Hogan Chairs

The pulpit in use during the inauguration is from the Swedish Free Mission in Moorhead, Minnesota. This congregation sent the first Pentecostal missionaries from North America, Mary Johnson and Ida Anderson. They arrived in Durban, South Africa in January, 1905, one and a half years before the Azusa Street awakening. This pulpit’s permanent home is the Khoo Kay Peng World Prayer Center on the upper level of AGTS.

Check out the Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at AGTS!


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