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AGTS student Judi Ballweber comments on her experience studying in Kiev, Ukraine

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Why Ukraine?

Medical Missions Exploration

My first weekend in Western Ukraine, a physician and I were invited to participate in a weekend medical ministry trip to a village outside of Lutsk. We had a 12-hour night train ride each way and spent the next day meeting with different groups and leaders from the area who were eager to share their hearts and vision for ministry. It proved to be a special time of connecting with people who have a great vision for ministry. The church that hosted us has a medical clinic in the church facility that is open during the week to see people. A group of physicians take turns staffing the clinic and plan regular outreaches to the small villages surrounding the region.

Saturday we participated in one of these clinics. We met in a school (with no heat) and saw over 200 people. As our group of about 25 physicians and workers drove up to the school, hundreds were eagerly waiting for our group to arrive. We were served hot tea and a lunch and set to work.

Hours later, the last patient was seen, we had tea and supper, the villagers watched the Jesus video, and we were on our way back to Lutsk. We offered prayer with each patient we saw and many accepted prayer. The vision and heart of these physicians who are so willing to give of their time and talents was moving.

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