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AGTS student Judi Ballweber comments on her experience studying in Kiev, Ukraine

Intro | Dorm Life | Practicum | Food | Language | Street Kids
Medical Missions Exploration
| Why Ukraine?

Women’s Shelter

Several years ago a Christian physician felt compelled to start a ministry to women needing deliverance and recovery from IV drug addictions. She started a home that now houses 16 women and has provided a powerful mentoring process that is bringing healing to their tattered lives. Because of the women’s addictions, around 75% are HIV positive. A physician and I, a certified nurse-midwife/ nurse practitioner, went to the home to see how we could help with our limited resources. We are not allowed to treat people without Ukrainian licensure. Each of the women shared their story with us as we did a limited evaluation. They have been saved, and are hoping and praying for a changed life and a chance at a normal life. It was precious to be able to pray with these women and rejoice that they have found everlasting life.

Side Note

A graveyard in Ukraine. Picnic tables are often included among the graves to allow loved ones to "share a meal" with their dead.

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Updated: Thursday, April 10, 2014 12:03 PM


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