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Chi Alpha (USA) Holds Annual Reach the U Institute on AGTS Campus

Chi Alpha (XA) Campus Ministries (USA), an AG ministry to secular universities, sponsors an annual Reach the U Institute to train XA missionaries, staff, student leaders and others who are interested in ministering to college students. This year, Reach the U is being held here at AGTS, June 17-30.

Gene therapy at AGTS?

  Curtis Harlow,
  Director of Reach the U

No, AGTS isn't conducting any strange scientific experiments, but Curtis Harlow, director of Reach the U said of Chi Alpha's new relationship with AGTS, "Being at AGTS is like gene therapy for us." He continued, "The Chi Alpha DNA code is impacted by both the incredible thinking and passionate pentecostalism that is clearly evident here."

Alaine Thomson,

While AGTS would be honored to know that it had such an impact on Harlow's group, in reality, it is Chi Alpha that has impacted the AGTS DNA code. Alaine Thomson, AGTS M.Div. student, has attended several of the Reach the U sessions. She said, "Reach the U has opened my eyes to a desperate need."

"One Chi Alpha minister told me that he knows of areas in this country where churches are begging for campus pastors to pioneer new Chi Alpha ministries or head up ministries that are currently lead by students," Alaine continued. "I've built some relationships with people who are on the front lines every day and I have learned from their experiences." Alaine plans to take Reach the U for graduate credit next year.

AGTS serves up the "Whole Enchilada" to Chi Alpha group.

AGTS staff served an enchilada dinner, dubbed "The Whole Enchilada", June 20, to 200 Chi Alpha (XA) ministers. AGTS administration viewed the dinner as an opportunity to show support for these tireless missionaries and to encourage positive interaction between the AGTS community and the XA community.

About Reach the U Institute

The Institute offers four tracks: new campus leaders and internship prep (June 17-30); church staff and bi-vocational leaders (17-22); student leaders (20-25); and veteran campus leaders (22-26). Each track is intended to immerse attendees into training with proven campus leaders, to expose them to new ideas, and to teach them how to minister on today's college campus. Attendees will learn

  1. How to apply unchanging Biblical principles to an ever-changing secular campus environment.
  2. How to access relevant tools for ministry.
  3. Which forms of evangelism are fruitful on today's campus.

From a Student's Perspective...

Nobunari Funatsu, AGTS student

AGTS student Nobunari Funatsu has connected with several Reach the U participants. In addition to the excellent coffee served by XA staff every morning, he likes the new partnership between XA and AGTS for several reasons.

  1. AGTS has the chance to minister to XA by providing the space in which Reach the U can meet.
  2. It provides an opportunity for XA members who are thinking about seminary education to find out what AGTS can offer them.
  3. AGTS students gain exposure to ministers who are on the front lines of real postmodern ministry every day. The knowledge and experience they bring is invaluable.

From Administration's Perspective...

"It's great to see all these campus pastors at AGTS. It brings back memories of when I attended these sessions while a student at AGTS. These are men and women on the cutting edge of ministry who constantly face the challenge of showing the relevance of true Christian faith. If our students could spend a year on the campus of a secular university as a campus pastor, it would transform our philosophy of Christian service and enhance skills for effective ministry."—David Willemsen, AGTS Business Director

"I'm thrilled to have student leaders from Chi Alpha with us this week at AGTS. You can feel the energy in the building! These students and their pastors represent missional communities on over 200 campuses across the US. Having them as our guests is an honor. Plus, they serve Starbucks! The training and the networking that takes place this week will change lives. Any day that happens in our building…it's a good day."Earl Creps, AGTS Doctor of Ministry Director

"I think having XA leaders here exemplifies a unique partnership in which two seemingly disconnected entities with similar visions and passions can synergize their efforts in leadership training."Paul Martinez, AGTS Development Director



Updated: Thursday, August 7, 2003 2:30 PM

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