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Summer 2004 Rapport: Annual Report 2003-2004

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From the Office of the Academic Dean...

Dr. Joe Castleberry
Academic Dean

In the fall of 2005 AGTS will implement its new curriculum—Missio Dei and the 21st Century Church. Both faculty and students, as well as board members and other stakeholders, are expressing great excitement over this innovative new program of studies.

The program is designed to form theologically reflective ministers who are deeply committed to the fulfillment of God’s mission in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through the Church. In an age when “organized religion” has become an epithet and society is abandoning churches, we are committed to the belief that the Church—in all of its forms from megachurches to local congregations to military chapels to Chi Alpha groups to rescue missions to house churches—is the primary instrument for the completion of the Great Commission.

The curriculum consists of four conceptual elements that organize course offerings and areas of study. Each of these elements involves a deeply integrative, interdisciplinary approach to ministerial training. By linking all theological and biblical material directly to ministry and society, we will train ministers who are able to think on their feet, ready to contextualize the gospel in new situations for a world that suffers drastic changes constantly. Take a look at our catalog at for more details.

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