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Summer 2004 Rapport: Annual Report 2003-2004

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From the Office of the President...

Dr. Byron D. Klaus

As I complete my fifth year as president, I am reminded that God’s grace has been very evident as we strive to focus our mission as a seminary even more clearly. In August 1999, I prepared a document for the seminary community entitled, “The Shape of Things to Come.” I stated that in 2004 AGTS should be

  1. thoroughly networked with its various publics such that AGTS would be a household word in the Assemblies of God,
  2. adequately funded by a broad-base of donors/supporters whose affirmation of AGTS would be notable in their generous financial support,
  3. decidedly proactive in setting the standard for Pentecostal leadership globally, and
  4. clearly committed to the creative delivery of Pentecostal theological education, using the most effective systems possible and building partnerships to facilitate broad- based influence.

I can honestly say that, by God’s grace, we have made considerable progress toward making this “preferable future” a living reality. In the last five years we have grown and matured as an organization. For the second consecutive year, we have been selected as finalists in Christianity Today’s “Best Christian Places to Work” survey. That kind of organizational vibrancy is producing an atmosphere where God is at work and our AGTS community is excelling.

  • Full branch campuses are being established at Northwest College, Kirkland, Wash., and American Indian College, Phoenix, Ariz.
  • We are at the highest levels of enrollment in our 32-year history—507 in the fall 2003 semester and 545 in the spring 2004 semester.
  • We project an enrollment of 750 by 2008.
  • We held our first Day of Renewal in January during which the entire AGTS community fasted from work and classes to seek God through focused prayer, worship and the Word. Over 525 people attended throughout the day, with more listening via a live web feed.
  • AGTS has continued its church planting emphasis by providing assessments, resources,consultants, field-based learning opportunities and scholarships for a church planting class. Currently, seven students are starting church plants, and several more hope to start soon.

In order to meet our enrollment goals for 2008 and to support the increased number of students, we must address several questions.

  • Can we offer programs that will entice the finest students and faculty to AGTS?
  • What kind of revenue and expenses will a student population of 750 incur?
  • Do we have the scholarship monies available to be competitive?
  • What alternative revenue streams can we develop to lower the percentage of total budget that student revenue comprises?
  • How will the additional students impact our present facilities and necessitate building more facilities?
  • How can we maintain and strengthen the quality of the learning experience?
  • How do we develop and maintain Pentecostal vitality in the increasingly multi-task oriented seminary existence?

In these efforts to realize this preferable future, we understand that AGTS is crucial to God’s plan for the Harvest. The level of our effectiveness will be directly related to our continued realization that eternal business requires eternal resources. We will be intentional in our efforts to discern, with clarity, God’s will for us and to vibrantly live in reliance on his Spirit.

Updated: Wednesday, September 8, 2004 4:38 PM


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