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Summer 2006 Rapport: Chaplaincy Spotlight

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Chaplaincy Students
Learn from the Best

Chaplain (COL) Scott McChrystal (M.Div. 1984)—A 21-year chaplain, McChrystal was staff chaplain at West Point for seven years before becoming the AG military representative in 2005

Brigadier General Leo A. Brooks Jr.—Brooks is a decorated officer serving as the vice director of the Army staff in the office of the chief of staff.

Chaplain (COL) Paul Vicalvi
Vicalvi has served as the major Army command chaplain for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He currently serves as the commandant of the U.S. Army Chaplain Center School.

Letters from the Front: Iraq

When asked to describe military chaplaincy, one word I have never used is boring—especially after 10 months of 24/7 duty with the 125th Forward Operating Base and 596th Signal Company in Iraq. In fact, hundreds of counseling sessions have arisen due to pressures of not one, but two deployments. As I reflect on the 1 a.m. counseling sessions and the afternoon workouts in the gym, I wonder if my 41-year-old body can keep up with these younger soldiers. But I rely on God through prayer and find the strength and energy I need.

Part of my duties involves ministering to the soldiers who guard detainees at the Taji Division Interrogation Facility Annex, similar to the infamous detention center at Abu Ghraib. In light of the scandals that took place there, my role as chaplain in a similar situation has taken on a new level of public importance. In this role, I visit the soldiers on duty and listen as they sort through the many questions that arise during deployment.

I am so thankful for the large number of people in the States that are supporting our efforts here in Iraq. The resources sent from home for chaplains to distribute are appreciated. I also appreciate your prayers, especially when I’m tired and missing my wife, as God has certainly strengthened me.

In his service and yours,

Clifford F. Neuman
125th FSB Chaplain
(M.Div. 2004)

VA Chaplain Aids in Hurricane Relief

Chaplain (Dr.) Jack R. Klugh (left, M.Div. 1988) carries out his duties as chief of chaplain service at Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Fargo, N.D., far away from any hurricane activity. Therefore, Chaplain Klugh was surprised on September 14, 2005, to get a call requesting his services at several Mobile Medical Centers in Hammond, La., in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. “The damage was hypnotic,” said Klugh, adding, “evacuees’ stories included varying degrees of terror, sadness and heroism.”

You can read Klugh’s personal account at


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