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Summer 2006 Rapport: Development Outook

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Dr. Ben and Barbara Aker

Estate Planning
Interview with Dr. Benny C. Aker

Dorothea Lotter, director of Institutional and Alumni Relations, recently interviewed retiring professor Dr. Benny C. Aker, about the inclusion of AGTS in his and wife Barbara’s estate plan.

Lotter: Why did you include AGTS in your estate plan?

Aker: After working at AGTS for 16 years, we wanted give back to something that has given so much to us. It just makes spiritual common sense.

Education has always been our passion. Raising support for education is so crucial for the church and ministry. Without it, the mission will suffer greatly. We want to give AGTS a gift that keeps on giving long after we are gone.

Lotter: Why is estate planning important?

Aker: While Barb and I were caring for our aging parents, we quickly realized the importance of having an estate plan. It’s just smart business. It helps you preserve more of your estate for your heirs and God’s work and will save your family the difficulties that come with dividing an estate after your death.

Lotter: At what point in your life did you prepare your will?

Aker: Preparing a will was part of our estate planning years ago when we were young. If you have children, it is vital. I would really encourage people, regardless of age or financial worth, to put their house in order and plan their estates carefully.

Lotter: Is there anything else you want to share with AGTS friends and alumni?

Aker: Simply, as working people, we feel that estate planning is important. Practicing good financial principles has helped us live a disciplined life and get our priorities straight.

A gift of not less than a tithe should be at the heart of an estate plan. Consider AGTS because its mission is eternal. It will train people who will extend God’s kingdom through time and around the world. I don’t know of a more effective place to leave your gift.

Free Will Preparation

AGTS is partnering with AG Financial Services Group who provides free preparation of last will and testaments for those who leave a gift of at least 10% of their final estates to ministries of their choice. Please call AGTS at 417-268-1022 to secure a “free will packet” or email


Updated: Friday, July 21, 2006 12:27 PM


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