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Summer 2006 Rapport: Color Lines Washed Away

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Preachers of the Gospel: Dying Life Givers

Rev. Maurice Watson was the featured guest during AGTS’s Spring Lectureship Series, January 17-19, 2006.

Rev. Maurice Watson, described as one of the premier preachers of his generation, pastors Beulahland Bible Church in Macon, Georgia. His lectureship series focused on the contributions of African-American preaching, with specific regard given to the preaching of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Watson said King called for social reformation in the “here and now” rather than relying on the hope of reformation that would take place during eschatological times.

Watson stated that preachers in general, and King in particular, use the pulpit to move individuals and the community to change. They are “speaking as prophets to the nation.” King effectively linked the sufferings and hope of biblical characters to the sufferings and hope of African-Americans. In fact, the oppressed African-American population saw him as a modern-day Moses.

While neither condoning or denying King’s moral shortcomings, Watson encouraged the audience to look at King’s life as a testament to grace—that God uses fallen people, including all of those called to preach, to accomplish his purpose.

Watson also addressed several important contributions of African-American preaching to American Christianity, including a high level of respect for the preacher’s place in the community and the power of narrative preaching to captivate and motivate an audience.

Watson’s final sermon focused on three paradoxes of preachers. Referencing 2 Corinthians 4, Watson stated that preachers are “powerful weaklings,” “wounded survivors” and “dying life givers.”

To listen to these powerful messages by Rev. Watson, visit

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