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Winter 2006 Rapport: Development Outlook

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Palma Endows Scholarship
By Dr. Anthony D. Palma

Dr. Anthony D. Palma has served AGTS in capacities ranging from vice president of academic affairs (1981-1986) to professor emeritus (current) since the school’s inception in 1973.

My conversion from Roman Catholicism as a mid-teen began with searching the Scriptures and realizing that some things I had been taught were either absent from Scripture or contrary to Scripture. My love for the Word of God increased over the years, especially after I studied Hebrew and Greek. My study of Greek, especially, has enriched me personally as well as my teaching and preaching ministry.

I have sought to instill in students a love for the Scriptures and a desire to understand and expound them better. The scholarship was established as an expression of my confidence in AGTS’s mission of preparing students for effective ministry and to provide an incentive to students who are seriously involved in studying New Testament Greek.

My firm conviction is that a person’s ministry will be more effective if it includes a faithful exegesis, exposition and application of God’s Word, regardless of the specific nature of that ministry (pastor, evangelist, teacher, missionary, etc.).

I have always been grateful for the privilege of having served the seminary from its earliest days both as a professor and as an academic administrator.

Endowed Scholarships

What is an endowment?

Endowments are gifts that are placed into an account that is invested in perpetuity to generate earnings to provide student scholarships.

Do I have to be an alumnus to set up an endowment?

No, we have many endowed scholarships established by donors who have never taken a class at AGTS, but believe in higher education and in the vision of the seminary to shape servant leaders to revitalize the church and evangelize the world in the power of the Spirit.

Who manages the endowment?

Funds are invested at Assemblies of God Financial Services Group by the AGTS Board of Directors Finance Committee. The spending policy is set at 5% which means that any earnings above the 5% are put back into the endowment to compensate for inflation.

How is an endowed fund established?

Typically an endowment is established with a gift of $10,000 or more. However, you can establish an endowment with a minimum of $1000 and scholarships are awarded when the fund reaches $10,000. The donor may set up specific criteria on who is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Can I give to an existing endowment scholarship fund?

Yes! While named endowed funds require minimum amounts, gifts of any amount may be added to an existing endowed fund.

For more information on establishing endowments, contact the Development Office at (417) 268-1012 or

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