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Summer 2007 Rapport: Development Outlook

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Download Development Outlook which includes this article from the Summer 2007 Rapport (PDF, 456 KB,Download Help, Download Time Calculator)

Miraculous Provision
AG General Presbytery Partners with Dan Betzer to Eliminate AGTS’ Long-Term Debt

President Klaus (right) and Rev. James K. Bridges, General Treasurer of the AG



During a meeting of the AG General Presbytery in August 2006, individual districts, churches and others in the General Presbytery committed to the funding that would eliminate the seminary’s remaining long-term debt.

President Klaus recounted, “After I had finished giving my General Presbytery report, several people came up to speak a positive word about the seminary, including (then) board member Zollie Smith and Pastor Dan Betzer. Superintendent Trask noted that Pastor Betzer had been working on a debt-retirement effort and there might be some who wanted to participate in this great opportunity. I was stunned and grateful as, in the next 20 minutes, the General Presbytery pledged $375,000 for AGTS on the spot. This will pay off the remaining, long-term debt we have. We will now be able to put our annual $63,000 payment into scholarships for students. This was a sovereign move of the Spirit. God is good!”


Thank you! As of August 2006, the following individuals, districts, churches and ministries made commitments during the General Presbytery meeting to pay off AGTS’ long-term debt.

Ray Berryhill
Warren Bullock
Todd Clair
Bob Cook
Charles Crabtree
Robert Crabtree
Richard Hammar
E. Wayne Hanks
Craig Matheson
William & Constance McDonald
Greg Mundis
Richard & Cynthia Nicholson
John Palmer
Jerry Parsley
Bob Rhoden
Zollie Smith
Clarence St. John
Thomas Trask
Loren Triplett
Gary & Joni Wileman
George Wood
Larry & Esther Wood

Alabama (Billy Glover)
Alaska (Ted Boatsman)
Arizona (Stephen Harris)
Arkansas (Larry Moore)
Brazilian Florida (Joel Costa)
Central Latin (Dennis Rivera)
Georgia (Roger Brumbalow)
Indiana (Don Gifford)
Kentucky (Joseph Girdler)
Korean (Young Gil Kim)
Louisiana (Douglas Fulenwider)
Michigan (William Leach)
Minnesota (Clarence St. John)
Nebraska (Dwight Sandoz)
New Mexico (R. Kenneth George)
North Carolina (Charles Kelly)
North Dakota (Leon Freitag)
North Texas (Vic Schober)
Northern California-Nevada

Northern Missouri (Ronald Garner)

Northern New England (Dennis Marquardt)
Northwest (Les Welk)
Ohio (Doug Clay)
Oklahoma (Frank Cargill)
Peninsular Florida (Terry Raburn)
Pennsylvania-Delaware (Stephen Tourville)
Potomac (Larry Hickey)
Rocky Mountain (Robert Cook)
South Dakota (Stephen Schaible)
South Texas (Joseph Granberry)
Southern Missouri (Bill Baker)
Southern New England (Otis Stanley)
Southern Pacific Latin American (Sergio      Navarrete)
Spanish Eastern (Rafael Reyes)
West Florida (Robert Thompson)
West Texas (Robert Slaton)

Bethany Church (Don James), Wyckoff, N.J.
The Bridge AG (Jim McNabb), Mustang, Okla.
Calvary Church (J. Don George), Irving, Texas
Cedar Valley Church (Jerry Strandquist),      Bloomington, Minn.
Cornerstone AG (Mark Lehmann), Bowie, Md.
Faith AG (Carl Stephens), Orlando, Fla.
Fijian Christian Fellowship (Eremasi Vabasi),      Davis, Calif.
First Assembly (Randy Valimont), Griffin, Ga.

AG Chaplaincy Ministries (Al Worthley)
AG Financial (Gerry Hindy)
AG General Council (Thomas Trask, James      Bridges)
AG Intercultural Ministries (Scott Temple)
AGUSM (Alton Garrison)
AGUSM Church Planting (Steve Pike)
AGWM (L. John Bueno)
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries (Dennis Gaylor)
National Black Fellowship (Zollie Smith)
Native American Fellowship (John Maracle)
Northwest University (Don Argue)
Southeastern University (Mark Rutland)
Teen Challenge USA (Mike Hodges)
US Tongan Fellowship (Tomasi Vi)

Updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 1:38 PM



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