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Winter 2007 Rapport: From the Leadership Files

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Download "From the Leadership Files " which includes this page from the Winter 2007 Rapport (PDF, 272 KB,Download Help, Download Time Calculator)

A Relational Mentoring Model


by Dr. Dene Wood, AGTS Visiting Professor of Missions and Education

At strategic stages in one’s spiritual journey, a growing leader needs empowering relationships—mentors, peers, emerging leaders and the companionship of the Holy Spirit—to facilitate desired growth, ensure a healthy perspective on life and ministry, and make sure the journey ends well. Several types of mentoring are necessary for growth.

Upward Mentoring reflects our need for someone who has traveled before us. It can give direction and perspective, and can provide wisdom and encouragement to persevere. For example, Barnabas mentored Paul.

Downward Mentoring reflects our need for spiritual generativity—helping to develop the capacity, commitment and values that enable the next generation to serve God faithfully. Paul mentored Timothy.

Peer Co-Mentoring reflects our need for those who know us, share common experiences with us and with whom we can provide mutual stimulation, encouragement and personal accountability. Note that Paul and Titus were peer co-mentors.

Inward Empowering reflects our need for the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, who is with us 24/7. He teaches; guides in our journey toward Christlikeness; and encourages, anoints and empowers us. He keeps us from wrong thinking and wrong living. The Holy Spirit was Paul’s constant companion.

Adapted from P.D. Stanley and J.R. Clinton. Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed in Life. Colorado Springs, CO: Navpress, 1992.

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