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Winter 2008 Rapport: AGTS news

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General supetintendent lays our vision for education

George Wood George Wood
George Wood spoke
in chapel at AGTS on September 14, 2007.


Four AGTS family
members elected
to AG executive

The following AGTS family members were elected to the AG Board of Administration during General Council.

  • George O. Wood (chair, AGTS Board of Directors) elected general superintendent

  • Alton Garrison (member, AGTS Board of Directors) elected assistant general superintendent

  • John Palmer (M.A. 2004) elected general secretary

  • John Bueno (member, AGTS Board of Directors) reelected executive director of world missions

Dr. George O. Wood, chair of the AGTS Board of Directors, was elected general superintendent of the AG at the Indianapolis General Council in August. Prior to this, Dr. Wood had served the AG as general secretary since 1993. He follows Rev. Thomas Trask, who resigned in July.

In a recent AGTS chapel service, Dr. Wood laid out five enduring core goals that express his vision for the AG:

  1. Passionately proclaim, at home and abroad, by word and deed, Jesus as savior, baptizer in the Holy Spirit, healer and soon-coming King.
  2. Strategically invest in the next generation.
  3. Vigorously plant new churches.
  4. Skillfully resource our fellowship.
  5. Fervently pray for God’s favor and help as we serve him with pure hearts and noble purpose.

Expressing support of higher education, Dr. Wood recounted:

One of my real heroes of the faith, Dr. Robert Frost, prayed this sentence: “Lord, help them to lay foundations that are strong enough to bear the weight you will later place on them.” There are a lot of people in the Assemblies of God who want to take shortcuts to ministry. A lot of people in the kingdom of God don’t want to really apply themselves to the biblical text, to theology, to practical theology, to missions. They don’t want to take time to study the Greek or the Hebrew—just rush in and do the job. And I’m afraid we’re seeing a fair share of ministerial failures, burnouts and crashes because people have not taken the time in their lives to lay strong foundations.

While expounding on his second point, strategic investment in the next generation, Dr. Wood addressed the fact that our 19 endorsed schools of higher education need to receive more than just token support from AG churches.

Our churches need to be looking at [AG] higher education the same way they look at U.S. missions and world missions. It must not be a minimal token commitment but a major commitment. When I pastored in Southern California, our missionary budget when I left in 1988 was $45,000 a month. Between $7,000 and $8,000 of that amount went to Vanguard University (Southern California College at the time), because a college is not just another $100 commitment. In fact, I challenge you, when you graduate from AGTS and go out and lead churches, to make massive contributions back to this school, because we need to lower the price of ministerial preparation and education so you do not graduate with a $30,000 or $60,000 school bill.

To listen to Dr. Wood’s entire message, go to Click on the “General Superintendent” link under September 2007.

Updated: Monday, December 10, 2007 2:54 PM

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