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Winter 2008 Rapport: Development Outlook

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Download "Development Outlook" which includes this article from the Winter 2007 Rapport (PDF, 380 KB,Download Help, Download Time Calculator)

5th Annual Alumni Phonathon

M.Div. student Danielle Poulson celebrates her first positive response during the phonathon.

Paul Martinez, director of development, awarded a $300 scholarship to M.A.T.S. student Jeff Green, phonathon participant.

The 5th Annual Alumni Phonathon was held September 11 and 12, 2007.

Nearly 13% of AGTS alumni contacted made commitments totaling over $26,500.

Since the inception of the phonathon five years ago, AGTS alumni have given over $100,000 to the Pentecostal Leaders Fund for student scholarships.

Thanks to every alum who made a contribution! If you haven’t made your gift yet, it’s not too late. Click here to donate online.

Thank you!

As of November 13, these graduates had made a contribution to the Alumni Annual Fund. More gifts are arriving each day. If you haven’t made your contribution yet, you can do so by visiting or calling 417-268-1012.

Steven Allen*
David Atkins
Dan Ball
LeRoy Bartel
Joseph Batluck
John Battaglia*
Abigail Bennett
Abate Bitew
Sarah Blackstone
John Blondo
Douglas Blue
Edward Boehling
Benjamin and Roberta Bonnici
James Boulware
Mark Bradford
Hilda Bradney
Steve Bradshaw
Laura Brown
James Brummett
Kenneth Bryars
Shannon Buckner
James Bugg
Joseph Campbell
Michael Carl
Clinton Caszatt
Barbara Cavaness
Barry Chole
Bruce Clark
Charles Clauser
Solomon Codillo
Howard Collver
James Comer
Michael Cook
Robert Cook
Roger Cotton
James Courter
Denis Cox
Charles Cox
Earl and Janet Creps
David Crosby*
Craig and Tricia Cunningham*
Kenneth Dahlager
Gary Davidson
James Davis
Lawrence Dilley
David Ditrolio
Faye Doman
Bruce Durkee*
Douglas Earls
Donald Englund
Kenneth Ernst
Dale Fagerland
Edwin Falk
Salvatore Farina
William and Alvera Farrand
Ronald Johnson
Doyle Jones
Ernest Jones
Joseph Jouret
Frederick Keener

Craig Keener
Liisa Kelly
Samuel Ketcher
Gregory Keylon
Sung Kim
Douglas Kinder
William Kirsch
Barbara Klein
Richard Knoth
Peggy Knutti
Winston Kyser
Harvey Lange
Joyce Lee
Young Lee
William Lee
Darin Lenz
Norman Lestarjette
Dean Lewis
Linda Ligate
Norman Lindsay
Gregory Lint
Shaun Lotter
James and Jeanne Lowell
Joseph Marics*
Leslie Martin
Paul Martinez*
Kenneth Mayo
Dan McBride
Craig Miller
Steve Miramonti
Dwight Miranda
Edward Monserrate
David Moore
Daniel Morey
Cheryl Mormino
Henry Morrow
Mary Moss
Robert Mumm
Tadashi Najita
Terrence Nelson
Wallace Nelson
Warren and Annette Newberry
Cynthia Nicholson
Douglass Norwood
Lori O’Dea*
Lois Olena
Mark Opperman
Michael Owen
Darryl Paddock
Melody Palm
Al and Darlene Palm*
Paul Parks
James Paulson
Robert Peak
Randy Pogue
Jimmy Powers
Stephen Pulis
Jerrod Ramirez
DeLonn Rance
Alver Rance

Greg Read
Sharon Reeder
George Rennau
Roy Rich
Pierina Richardson
Ron Ritscher
William Robertson
Darrin Rodgers
Randall Rogers
Bruce Rosdahl
Teresa Ross
Rick Ross
David Satterfield
Joseph Sazyc
James Schambach
Richard Schoonover
Anthony Scoma*
Larry Scott
Louis Selzer
Royce Shelton
Norman Shuert
Roger Simmons
Steven Smallwood
Paul Smith
John and Veronica Smith*
Robin Storer
William Taylor
Jay and Cheryl Taylor*
Billy Thomas
Loften Thornton
David Torgerson
Elmer Torrens
Steve Tourville*
Eldon Tracy
Bradley Trask*
Wayne Turnbull
Robert Turnbull
Steven Tvedt
Andrea Valerius
Thomas Vaughn
Richard Volpe
Randy Walls*
Stephen Walsh
Everett Ward
Mark Wells
Ruby Wesson
Karen Wheatland
Harold White
Lynn White
Owen Wilkie
David Willemsen*
Paul Williams
Joe Wilmoth
Marshall Windsor
Kenneth Wireman
Mark Wootton
Ronald Wright
Daniel York
Richard York

*A special thanks to these generous donors who committed significant matching gifts during the phonathon.

Updated: Monday, December 10, 2007 3:50 PM

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