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Summer 2009 Rapport: Thoughts from the Prez

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“The Bible clearly
teaches that for
faith to flourish,
generations need
to be integrally related.”


Some Christians believe that the postmodern aspect of our culture is a threat to the faith. Truth be told, our culture presents many threats, not all subsumed under the label of postmodernism. However, one characteristic of the developed world, where postmodernism thrives, is the isolation of people into age groups that seemingly have nothing in common or have little to do with one another. The cultures the Bible was first directed toward would not understand such isolation. The Bible clearly teaches that for faith to flourish, generations need to be integrally related. (Deut. 6:4­–8).

In our attempts to professionalize our church ministry offerings, we have, too often and unwittingly, separated ourselves into age-related groupings that actually thwart the power of the Deuteronomy model of faith transmission. I’m not suggesting that age-related ministries are inappropriate; however, I do think that we could be more aware of what happens spiritually when intergenerational learning and worship are absent. The stories in this edition of Rapport, in print and online, offer some pertinent reflection on generations together.

President Byron D. Klaus


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Updated: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 12:44 PM


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