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Summer 2002 Rapport: Development Outlook: Investing in the Future

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Page 12-13: Download these pages of the Summer 2002 Rapport (PDF, 292K, Download Help, Download Time Calculator)
A popular bumper sticker reads, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

People often talk to me about the great costs associated with higher education–tuition and books, time and effort. Yet those costs are better viewed as an investment that can produce large dividends in future ministry. The returns may not be solely financial, but they certainly hold great eternal value.

It costs approximately $12,000 each year to educate one student at AGTS. However, student tuition covers only about three-fourths of that cost. Even so, many students must rely on scholarships to help them pay for their tuition. And because of generous donors (see list which follows), AGTS has been able to set up various scholarship funds for students in training for ministry.

Listen to the hearts of some scholarship recipients as they write about the importance of receiving a scholarship award in the course of their ministry education at AGTS:

“The scholarship I received is helping me prepare for future missions work. I believe my education at AGTS will be a great asset to my ministry. I am learning things every day that open new doors of understanding.”

—Faith McGhee

“As I hope to start new Chi Alpha campuses in the Northeast, a seminary education will increase my credibility with undergraduate students. By reaching the future world leaders in training, we will reach the world for Jesus in the years to come. Thanks for helping to reduce my debt load.”

—Lucas Hunt

“I received a scholarship this year which has helped to defray the cost of my education and will help me get into fulltime ministry sooner and better-equipped. After graduation, I plan to minister to international students on university campuses.”

—Kristina VanGilder

Every student has a unique ministry call from God, and receiving a scholarship can be the catalyst that helps them advance in their education and move into more effective ministry in the kingdom of God.

If you would like to contribute to this vital scholarship need, you can use your credit card to donate by telephone (1-800-467-AGTS) or donate online.

By Paul F. Martinez, AGTS Director of Development

Download the development insert that came in this rapport. (PDF file, 1.03MB Download Help, Download Time Calculator)

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