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Summer 2003 Rapport: Annual Report 2002-2003

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From the Office of the President...

Dr. Byron D. Klaus

The last year has seen significant growth in multiple areas at AGTS. We have achieved and sustained steady enrollment figures that are at the highest levels in the seminary’s history. Because we are committed to delivering graduate theological education to serve the needs of our students, we are offering a wide variety of class times and learning options six days a week.

In the largest research survey to date on Christian organizations sponsored by Christianity Today, AGTS was listed in the top 40 Christian places to work in the nation. We were ranked third among small colleges, universities and seminaries in the U.S. Our faculty, administration and office staff comprise a wonderful team of people who work passionately to make the AGTS experience a defining moment in the lives of our students.

One of our major contributions has been the formation of institutional and military chaplains. AGTS graduates make up 128 of the institutional and military chaplains recognized by the Assemblies of God (AG). In particular, 80 of the 146 AG military chaplains currently serving are alumni. The substantial influence of AGTS graduates in chaplaincy is a testimony to our commitment to form this vanguard of Pentecostal leaders for cutting edge ministry.

Our doctoral program has graduated its third class, which included national leaders representing Nigeria and Burkina Faso. The continuing commitment of AGTS to partner with AG World Missions has resulted in two African leaders receiving doctoral degrees—the very first national AG leaders in Africa to reach this great achievement.

Our desire to fan the flame of the church planting movement now growing here in the U.S. has found a home in the lives of our students. Recent graduates are now spearheading church plants in Washington, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. This passion to create new doorways of opportunity for people to find Christ is clearly present in a growing cadre of students.

This year has seen two new administrators join our team. Dr. Joseph Castleberry is our new academic dean. A brilliant scholar and career missionary, he joined us this past January after 15 years of service in Latin America. Rev. Mario Guerreiro has joined us as director of enrollment management. An ordained AG minister, he is a top professional who doubled the enrollment of another evangelical seminary.

Our Leadership Roundtables in California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Arkansas have seen hundreds of Pentecostal leaders meeting together for dialogue, instruction and spiritual ministry so that they may more effectively be used of God in these challenging times.

To serve as president of AGTS in these days is a special privilege. I am deeply grateful to serve this Fellowship to see that the Seminary’s mission is kept true and on target.

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