Book Review: The Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Perspective

Anthony D. Palma (Logion Press, 295 pp.)

Veteran Assemblies of God educator, Anthony Palma, has distilled a lifetime of study in a handbook on the Holy Spirit. Writing in an easy-to-read style, Palma organizes the book into three parts. Part 1 is “General Pneumatology,” spelling out the basics of a biblical theology of the Spirit. Part 2, “Baptism in the Holy Spirit,” updates the case for a baptism in the Spirit separate from conversion and evidenced by speaking with other tongues. Part 3, “Spiritual Gifts,” articulates an understanding of spiritual gifts, including gifts of leadership and practical assistance, as well as the traditionally recognized nine gifts in 1 Corinthians 12.

This book interacts with both classic and modern scholarship, and yet presents a carefully reasoned and biblically satisfying defense of classic Pentecostal belief. Palma also lays the groundwork for an understanding of spiritual gifts that energizes the ministry, not just of the clergy, but of every believer in the church.

The book features full subject and scriptural indexes, ample footnotes, and rich bibliographies. It will encourage further research and become a standard classroom text; it will also be a valuable source of sermon and Bible study material. This book is a must for every pastor and student.

—Reviewed by Edgar R. Lee, S.T.D.

This article was published in Enrichment. Used with Permission.

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