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    Graduates of the PhD in Biblical Interpretation and Theology will be able to lead the global church through creative, Spirit-empowered teaching, writing, and academic research to fulfill the mission of the Church and will consist of men and women:

        • Committed to a biblical world-view and global/local contextualization of the Christian faith.
        • Committed to the ministry of the local church and the global mission of the universal church.
        • Who are excellent scholars adding to the body of knowledge in their field.
        • Who understand the connections between academic and personal growth.
        • Able to forge new intellectual pathways while being faithful to the gospel and Pentecostal beliefs and practices.

    Program Values
    These are the “lenses” that inform our mission and program:

        • The authority and inspiration of Scripture
        • The integration of exegesis, biblical theology and systematic theology
        • Global perspectives: we will learn from leaders around the world
        • The primacy of the local church
        • Faith that pioneers new intellectual territory

    Theological Axioms
    Rooted in the four Pillars of Purpose:

        • Missiology: We are part of the Mission of God revealed throughout Scripture, fully realized in the Life and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ and carried forward in the Great Commission to evangelize the nations.
        • Doxology: We exist for the glory and pleasure of the Triune God.
        • Ecclesiology: We are committed to the local and global church that is the primary agency for discipleship.
        • Pneumatology/Eschatology: The Holy Spirit is presently transforming people and structures as we await the Return of Jesus Christ.

    With the help of God, the PhD in Biblical Interpretation and Theology trains scholars who will bring leadership:

        • To local churches around the world.
        • To academic institutions within the Assemblies of God and the global Christian community
        • To the broader academic and ecclesial networks through excellent research, writing, speaking and other collaborative efforts.
        • To a world in need of an authentic and contemporary expression of the gospel in the power of the Spirit.

    Learning Environment

        • Personal mentoring and partnering is the heart of this program.
        • Intensive classes and seminars that use a global faculty.
        • Opportunities for publication in all classes and tutorial settings, from the first term through dissertation.
        • Immediate application in current ministry contexts and preparation for expanded academic and spiritual leadership.

    Program Summary

        • Year One
          • Complete 16 units (4 classes) of course work
          • Dissertation focus is established and the student’s doctoral team is formed
          • Work on/complete any specific language requirements
          • Receive a positive Student Progress Evaluation
        • Year Two
          • Complete 16 units of course work (4 classes)
          • Preparation for Comprehensive Exams begins
          • Dissertation Proposal preparation begins
          • Language Requirements satisfied and Student Progress Evaluation # 2 is positive
        • Year Three:
          • Comprehensive Exams completed – Advancement to Candidacy
          • Dissertation proposal accepted – research and writing
        • Year Four/Five:
          • Dissertation writing continues
          • Dissertation approved by the doctoral team and Department
          • Oral Defense of the Dissertation
          • Graduation!


        • Biblical Theology
        • Old Testament Studies
        • New Testament Studies
        • Systematic Theology


    The tuition cost for the entire program is $42,000. Textbooks, travel and living expenses are additional; however, since you do not need to leave your ministry/work context, the actual costs are reasonable.


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